YIKES! We've got to act on this, right now!

I'm getting nervous, you guys. No, not nervous... anxious. There's this incredibly important summit coming up soon that is ABOUT US, and its chances of success are in question right now. Here's the scoop:

On September 19-20 the UN is holding a summit in New York to discuss non-communicable diseases (NCD), which includes diabetes, and it's goal of getting participating governments to commit to fight the current explosion in NCDs is getting resistance from some HUGE players. Like, for example, the US. And the EU.

It's hard to believe. All this focus on skyrocketing rates of diabetes, obesity, cancer etc., and for some reason someone in our leadership thinks we shouldn't commit to do something?

You know what I think? I think this effort is being ambushed by powerful lobbies for companies that produce unhealthy stuff we consume. 'Don't commit to reduce lung cancer', say the Tobacco and the Air-Polluters of America lobbies. 'Don't commit to reduce type II diabetes', says the corn syrup lobby. Ok, I made those up. But we know this big business stuff is a HUGE part of how our healthcare system is shaped in Washington... to our great detriment.

There's still time for us to show our outrage and disbelief about this, though, and show Washington that We Diabetics are stronger, more important, and more determined than the big money-makers working against our interests. Let's do it, you guys. Go here to act:


Hi Emily,

Riva has blog on this topic http://www.tudiabetes.org/profiles/blogs/send-a-postcard-urging-president-obama-to-attend-september-s-un?xg_source=activity. There’s a link to her article about how to get involved.

Outrage & disbelief–I’m with you!

Thanks, Geri! Riva’s article is wonderful!

Hoping along with you that people will take action.