Tested this morning, and was at a nice 5.2 mmol/l or about 93 or 94mg/dl. When I arrived work I tested again because I had gotten a bad headache out of nowhere. 3.7 or 66-67! Didn’t believe my eyes, so re-tested and got 3.6 or 64-65. That’s the 2nd lowest I’ve seen or known I’ve had ever! My alltime lowest was in 2005 while in hospital and had been on IV for days, then I had 3.4 or 61 and the nurse was pretty scared.

Had a cup of sweetened coffee to clear up my head a bit, followed by a couple of painkillers and then started working. But I have no idea how the h*ll I could sink that low, especially when considering I had been drinking Ice tea on my way to work…

wow I have had readings at 12 mg/dl and been up and walking. There have been a couple of times my husband will find me staring into space and tell me to check my bg. I will walk into the kitchen and back out. He’ll be “Did you check you bg?” and I will do the same circle again. So then he will take my hand and lead my back into the kitchen or get my kit for me and check it.

Same with me Beth. I’m up and walking and am able to reverse my own hypos even when I’m in the 2 mmol/l (36 mg/dl), whether at home or out and about. I don’t get the sweats any more (the one good thing is that if I have a nocturnal hypo, I don’t wake up in a soaking bed), I don’t get tingling lips, blurred vision, or my legs giving way. The only indication I get is a feeling of restlessness.

I got a really bad headache and my legs felt a bit weaker. Never felt like that before and I haven’t been below 4mmol/l many times at all.

What is scarry is when I had a dream the other night needing to eat something, got up, and by the time I got to my desk my sight was gone. I took my bs by memory and feel, the result was 44. I had toast and jelly, glass of milk and then fell asleep 4 times in my recliner. Having lows between 44 to 58 is a norm for me, better than have 250 to 300.