Yo-yo sleeping

Yesterday, I went to the Endo and he said I was experiencing the Dawn P. WE adjusted my insulin to .60 from 12am-6am. I woke up this morning at 94, not too shabby.
Overall my appointment went well. He suggested I put in a request for the Dexcom system, I agreed and I am going to try it. I know how tricare works…I am going to have to appeal their decision. I am prepared.
I don’t get insurance companies…

One more thing, I am so Happy that the Boston Celtic’s beat the LA Lakers…Yippee!!! Go Boston:)

I sure hope so! Cathy I had to fight for my Omnipod system and I won:) We’ll see!!!

thank! Yep, it was Dawn P. LOL its always something that’s what u have to love about diabetes:) its always something