Yoga and Omnipod (pod positioning advice in general)

Hi all! I’m on my second day as an Omnipod User :slight_smile:

Are any of you yogis? I'm trying to come up with the best location to put the pod so that it will be out of the way. I'm not by any means doing advanced poses, but I'm wearing the pod on my arm right now and it was a little awkward for shoulder stand. Anyway, any pod positioning advice in general would be appreciated.


i switch mine all the time so i just kind of work around it, i think there is no perfect spot ex. maybe the stomach. I don’t think they had pilates,kickboxing, or yoga on their list of exercising with ease. Lol

I do Yoga and Pilates, the back of the arm works best of me. I wear the pod pretty far back, and positioned at an angle… I can’t see it unless I cross my arms…it tucks in nicely in between my muscles.
I wrap the pod in a coban wrap and then it really isn’t noticeable at all…