Yoga for type 2? What do u think?

ok so my mom has been bugging me for years that i should do yoga as it is supposed to bring down ur sugar and increase your metabolism rates…so i was wonderind if any1’s ever tried it out
i want to know if it works before i put in all the effort…

Yoga is a known relaxing way to do mild exercise. It certainly won’t hurt to do some for the heckovit, and if you find beneficial bg’s out of it, coolness.

I’m of a mind that if it is harmless, give it a go. Like any program, take it in steps. small ones and work up over time. I like the fact that basic yoga is easier than going to ‘Feel the burn’ crud. Thing is, it will work. Just as always in diabetes, Your body is different and what you get from it may well be different than others. It is not a quick fix, and is not an overnight thing. but it won’t hurt to give it a try. You might actually like it :slight_smile:

Hi Megha: I have been avidly practicing yoga for 15 years now. I have Type 1 diabetes. It has really helped me cope with the daily grind that is diabetes. For a vigorous yoga class, because I have Type 1, I have to turn my insulin pump down 50-70% because vigorous yoga burns blood sugar. For mellower classes and in my home practice, I don’t turn down my pump. There are several of us Type 1s on tudiabetes that practice yoga, that I know of.