Yoga Insanity

An oxymoron? I think not.

A 6 am class this morning kicked my butt.

As I tried to focus on staying centered, drawing breath, and strengthening/lengthening, a little voice in the back of my mind was screaming "Are you nuts? It's not even 7 am! What the hell are you doing to me? You're going to do what with that leg?" In at least one pose, it was all I could do to stifle a giggle as I tried to keep my form...

But I feel really good now - and I know it was worth it. Still - Yoga Insanity it was.

I'm curious - what sort of exercise makes you think you're nuts for even trying it?

I’m afraid to try yoga because I’m terribly awkward and destined to either tip over and smash my face or letting loose with a “Excuse me, are you f&%@ing nuts? My legs don’t go into that shape.”

Though I do hear it releases stress. (Grinds teeth.) I could use a stress release.

Hee hee - I can see you saying that out loud and ruining everyone’s mojo. But no one would mind, cause, well - you’re Kerri and you could probably get away with it…

Life ain’t slowin down though, so if you’re really interested, I would recommend starting with a slow class - stay way from kundalini and bickram - go for slow vinyasa. What the hell language am I speaking?

Defnitely vinyasa…and for me, ALL exercise leads me to think I’m crazy for trying it (especially the balance poses).

Nicole - was that english? :wink:

I was unable to sleep one night, on came a infomercial for P90X. Iwas just tired enough to think that sounds like a good idea ! IO have been using it, ,I do what I can do