You are all by your self in a building/floor....Freak out!?

Right now, while am writing this message am sitting in a computer lab surrounded with 30 + computers the door is locked and not many people have access to the building. It is on a university campus, which is nice, however it is Friday night (8:30 PM) and the last day of Spring break. I will say there is no one but me in this whole building working on installing computers and have them ready by Monday for students to use…

My question:

In such a situation, should I be concern and keep in touch with someone just in case I needed some help!!

Am a veteran had diabetes T1 for more than 25 years, have a GCM and I know am HIGH 256 mg/dl…I am fine

But just thought about it and if someone have any kind of experience of keeping someone in touch!!!

Sometimes I have the same thought. I’ll be somewhere and think gee maybe somebody should know where I am in case I crash. Maybe if you text a buddy, ultra casual, like, I’ll be calling you in 2 hours. If I don’t, can you call me. (try not to sound desperate, lol)

I travel alone often for business. There are many nights alone in hotel rooms that I contemplate what would happen if I went low during the night and there was no one there to help. It’s the worst feeling.

Occasionally MrsAcidRock & junior go out of town and it doesn’t phase me. I run by myself a lot too. I kind of like it.