You do not have to be cuccoo to know something is not right with you

Depression or the state of depression is a curse of the mind no matter how positive you try to be sad angry thoughts cloud the normal way of thinking when I say normal I mean normal for me, childhood has a big part to play in it, childhood frustrations wanting everything ending up with little or nothing, parents who drank fought shouted not only at you but each other the child's brain is like a sponge taking in everything remembering the bad parts the good things seldom stick so it is no wonder some of us end up being depressed of course there are many other things that go into depression, environment, genes , lack of love lack of knowing one's boundaries as a child you need the support of parent/parents love to study depression but I have the kind of mind that flutters from one thing/place or thought in light speed.
As you can see I am no expert but 66 years of living with some kind of depression gives you a insight into yourself and at times it is not nice what you see, parents have a lot to answer for having children is something few of us are prepared for perhaps it is something we need to consider before bring a child into this World no one asks to be born but when we arrive I know we can be a pain in the neck but love and affection costs nothing when you look at a child it is part of you, perhaps the part you never could or can be.
Take a look around you smell a rose, wonder at nature, take a look in the mirror you too are a wonder thanks for stopping by twiddle

love & kindness conquers all & respect & understanding

I agree, going out in the garden or somewhere in nature almost always makes me feel better.