You don't need two insulins to control type 1 diabetes

I was at Walgreens Pharmacy. It was day 17 of listening to the pharmacy tech tell me the doctor hadn't authorized my refills for Lantus pens. I had called my doctor's office again that morning and they said they had sent the order twice to the pharmacy. I relayed that information to the pharmacist. He informed me that I already had Humalog and probably didn't need Lantus too. "People usually don't need two insulins" he said. So there you have it, folks.I no longer need a long acting insulin to help control my T1D. This will save me sooo much money.
p.s. You don't want to know what I replied to the pharmacist. It wasn't very nice.

I love it when pharmacists...or anyone, think they know more about my diabetes than me or my doctor.

Not long ago I had trouble refilling my test strips and the pharmacist said a diabetic doesn't need to check their blood sugar as often as I do.

Really? Little Miss Pharmacist, you obviously don't have diabetes...

Not only was she totally wrong, but she was also implying that I am being paranoid about my blood sugar.

The nerve.

Maybe you don't need that pharmacy anymore and perhaps you should explain to their corporate headquarters exactly why.

I have had that same experience with a certain """VS Pharmacy.... That is totally unbelievable. Obviously - if you are on a pump - you only use one type of insulin - but even then - some do a basal insulin and use the pump for boluses. Glad you said something!

They treat us worse than animals are treated
Add Medicare to that nonsense

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I test when I need to, not when they want me to
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This sounds like a nightmare! This guy should be reported. It's completely unacceptable for a pharmacist to deny your doctor's orders. What happened? I would transfer to another pharmacy if possible.

I don't expect every medical professional to know everything about diabetes. What I do expect is that they know what they don't know! This pharmacist probably has lots of experience with T2Ds that might use a 70/30 insulin mix, or just basal insulin, or just bolus insulin. His remark seems uniformed of the very common T1D basal/bolus MDI therapy. While T1Ds are a distinct minority of all people with diabetes, there are more than a few of us out there!

I second David B.'s and Marie B's suggestions to call the Walgreens corporate headquarters and report your experience. This pharmacist needs a refresher on type I diabetes and the use of both basal and bolus insulins. Diabetes is challenging enough. We shouldn't have to argue with people with credentials after their names.

Honestly....this pharmacist needs to be reported! That's outrageous!
I had one pharmacist argue with me that if I went low, I obviously was not diabetic!

I think you're right. I need to report this. I was so angry I couldn't even think!!


A couple of things. First, did the pharmacy ever acknowledge receiving the script? Im not reading that part...just that there was an issue with them receiving it. I understand your dr sent it, but did the pharmacy actually receive it?

That said, the pharmacists comments ARE inappropriate.

Geez, terribly frustrating.... I had a similar experience of gross incompetence by a pharmacy lately.... It's amazing how dysfunctional the entire system really can be.

Did you finally get your Lantus pens??

I've heard it all now! I'd be tempted to ask him if he knows the difference between short and long acting insulins. Was he really a pharmacist or just a tech?

I just thought I would share an experience. I have been on a pump for quite some time, and about 6 years ago, there was a problem with it. they had me send it in, and because it was Saturday, I wouldn't recieve until Monday. So the only insulin I had was novolog. So the day I took it off I figured "hey" I can handle multiple shots with just that one. Boy was I wrong. expecially at night (and throughout the day. My blood sugar kept going very high, and I was inecting 6+ times a day. the reason being, is you cannot use one inection ever 3 hours as a basal, because it peaks for that to work, I would have had to take 1 unit per hour everyhour for a basal, plus units for meals. So it would have been more than 24 shots + a day. (that would be my lantus)
Just thought I would share that. if you do every 4 it is hypo, hyper hypo hyper etc etc etc.
Just wanted to share
Oh and by law, a pharmacist, when it is a life drug, has to give you a bottle if it is on your record (you still have to pay, but that is the law)

Hugs Kathyann…I have also had a nurse at BCBS tell me that if I lose 10 pounds maybe I wouldn't need insulin anymore. This was after I told her I was a type one and used a pump and a CGM. ANd she didnt know what a CGM was and I had to explain it to her. Yeah…ummm…can I talk to your supervisor? It is infrurating to say the least.