You guys ROCK!

It's my first day on here, and I can't seem to stop reading so I can go to bed!

I've already posted on a forum my main question, and am anxious to see how that goes, but my main reason for this post is to say


a site that I can learn, yet not feel intimidated (well, maybe a little) about how little I really do know. There's so much to learn, and I do believe I've found a site (via a now retired US Army Flight Surgeon, turned a friend, since he and my husband both retired from the Army) that I can trust for reliable information on how to better MYSELF!

Again, thank you all! I already feel welcome here! I think I may just pull up my favorite blanket and make myself at home

I'm new too, and I agree :)

i ave learned so much here, dont know what i would do without my doc pals! welcome!

I'm glad you're enjoying the party!

Glad u like it here this site has really been a big help to me and I hope it is here for a loooong time for ppl! I've been here 5 yearscand keep learning new stuff from here. Great to have u here with us!

Come curl up with that blanket in the chat room some time. We usually have time for D talk when we're not talking food :)

dang it!! ok ok i'll move over at the firepit! Welcome to the mayham! :)

Faith--really glad you're here too! As others have said, please make yourself at home with that blanket :)

Welcome!! I look forward to seeing you around.

you guys are making me all warm and fuzzy welcome! thanks again!

Welcome to the Tu D family, faith R!!!

God bless,


Hi Faith. Lots of good info here, and also some fun talk. Welcome!

There's no reason to be intimidated here (not even a little)There are a lot of very knowledgeable folks here but none that know you like you do. So your are the expert as far as whats good for you.

I have never met anyone here that wishes to intimidate others. Just a lot of people that wish to help and a lot of people from which to learn.

Welcome to the group. We all wish that you didn't need to be here but we are all extremely glad that you found us.

Gary S

Faith, welcome, and make yourself at home indeed, that's exactly how I felt when I first joined a few months ago, finally people who actually had been there or were there or were going there and finally understood what I have been going through by myself for 37 years. I have learned so much here and usually learn something new just about every time I come here. Don't be intimidated it's a very friendly, knowlegeable (sp?) group and we all share something in common.

Oh gosh, I think I need an update - I'm sarcastic and goofy, and often don't always use the perfect word - I'm really more intimidated in that I'm not sure if my brain can absorb all of this right away. I think I shall only allow myself a few hours of TuD at a time! :)

It's a lot to absorb but if you ask a question you get an answer. You can be sarcastic, goofy and anything else here so don't limit yourself and enjoy the experience to the fullest. And even better if you can add to someone else's experience here then don't be afraid to jump in. The sharing of experiences is what makes this place special.

I can only hope to be able to help someone else as much as I already feel has been done for me!