You Know You Have a Low When

You know you have low blood sugar when you slur your words as if you’ve just had ten beers…
…when you talk rambleshack as if you’ve just woken from a deep sleep
when you suddenly taste cookies in your mouth, see crumbs down your shirt, but don’t remember waking up or getting the cookies or proceeding to eat ten of them. Then it’s time for “Cookie hangover”
…when you push away your fiance even though in your mind you’re saying “he’s just trying to help”
… when you “drunk dial” the person you’re most angry at and continue to spout out the worst words you can come up with and sob like a child.
… when you wake up with your heart pounding, you’re fiercely cold but still sweating like crazy, and you know that you need to get up and get something in you, but you just DONT HAVE THE ENERGY and it’d just be EASIER to lie there and let what happens happen.
(not recommended)