You know you're a diabetic when


Or when someone says "Omg, this bread/pasta/whole grain anything is so good for you" and the only thing you can think is "holy crap that'd be a lot of insulin..."

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you know you're diabetic when you hate sugary foods but still drooling over them!


You know you're diabetic when you check your meter for the time because you're testing anyway.

You know you're diabetic when the house is freezing and the thermostat says 59, so it must need some juice to come up...

You know you're diabetic when everyone complains that it's 90 degrees outside and you think "but 90's such a nice number!"

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When you're at a party and you're angry because someone helped themselves to your sweetened ice tea and then offered you some of their orange juice like it was a fair trade!


You know your a diabetic when you students ask "why do you have two phones?" and my favorite, "Miss why do you have a pager?"

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I have been making my mom guess since I was diagnosed when I was 9. I didn't know other people did that.


You know you’re the PARENT of a diabetic when you’ve actually said:

“If you are not low right now, you are in BIG TROUBLE!”

My daughter gets a little bratty when she is low :stuck_out_tongue:

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and you are a dude:)


…you have no problem with the idea of giving yourself daily shots of insulin if it will help you feel better and allow you to get back to some semblance of your old life.

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...your friends take you to a new restaurant and while everyone is ordering combo meals or platters, you've decided to order 'a la carte' to keep your carbs in range.


When I was in elementary school, kids would come up to me holding a test strip and say, "you dropped this" because they didn't know I just threw them away! I said thanks but then trashed it. :)


I realize that this is an old thread. What happened?

Does the pre existing condition make you un insurable?


I get a little bratty when I'm low too. XD


When you feel like your doctors are running your life not you.

When you find that you spend more time with your doctors than you do with friends and family

Can anyone tell that I have had my fill of doctors lately?


You know your diabetic when the first thing people say to you when you are really pissed off or in an extremely good mood is "How's your sugar?" or "Go check your sugar". Hubby does this to me ALL the time, which prompts a response of ... "its not my sugar you idiot, you just ■■■■ me off sometimes!" Okay, well a little bit of it may be sugar, but seriously, we can be emotional without it being a sugar issue! Right?


you know you're a diabetic when among all your healthy BG-friendly food you keep a stash of fruit gushers, starbursts and nutella!


LOL I had to read this one to my friend,


This sums it up perfectly...


You know you are diabetic when you make a coffee pot of tea just for you and drink all 12 cups in 2 to 3 hours. Then make another pot because it is too early for a diet soda. *sigh* my first indication there was a problem

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