You know you're a diabetic when


…when you prick your finger while sewing and the first thing you think is maybe I should grab my meter and test, why waste that nice big blood droplet!


When you get really excited about the T1D Exposed Nude Diabetes Advocacy Calendar, and buy one for every room of the house!

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haha! yes!


how does that fly with the spouse or significant other usually? that’s one i’ve been trying to figure out.


You know your a diabetic when, looking at a dinner plate, you can calculate mathematically your carb to insulin ratio to bolus, never seeing a sheet of ingredients, and it is done in seconds.

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This is really awesome, and I hadn’t heard of it before. Thanks for mentioning it!

Do you know if this is a yearly thing, or is this the first one they’ve done?


when no girl will play with you because she thinks you’re contagious and gross ; when no one will hire you ; when professors think your pump is a cell phone and kick you out of class when it beeps ; when you have no friends ; when there is no point in ever going out ; when you spend all your money on diabetes supplies ; when all you think about is when the next time you’re going to eat ; when no girl’s father will approve of you dating their daughter because he wants grand kids ; when you feel like crap every second of every day ; when you cringe when you hear people talk about drinking alcohol and eating dessert


You know you’re diabetic when you see a test strip on the ground somewhere when walking through town - on-one else knows what it is, but you smile quietly to yourself thinking “Bother/Sister, we’re in this together”.


Wife will not let you go to grocery store because you spend three hours scanning food labels into your smartphone and bring home three items.


i love it when i see one of those in my park!


You know you’re diabetic when you re-read a thread that was started SEVEN years ago and every single reply is as valid and as funny as it was years ago.


AND you know you’re diabetic when you originally picked this thread out to re-read because it has more than 100 posts and you wanted to earn a ‘reader’ badge. :wink:


where you find test strip all over yours car.


You know you’re a diabetic and a pumper when it takes you 7 times longer to get through TSA and have to explain what an insulin pump is to the new TSA agents.


This test strip thing is still a mystery to me…

I all but ground my daughter whenever she doesn’t immediately deposit her used test strips in the trash. And I can probably count the number of times she has tested in the car (she does not yet drive). Yet I constantly find test strips in the car, in the washer, in the dryer, on the floor, in the dishwasher, and (please excuse the disgusting “brain” visual) in our puppy’s and cats’ poop. Again, please excuse the even more repugnant “visual”, I once found a test strip in my underwear when I went to use the restroom at work! (Remember, I’m not the family member with D, so I have absolutely no idea how a test strip ended up THERE!)

For some reason, it always warms my heart just a tiny bit whenever I discover a used test strip of a brand different from the brand my daughter uses on the ground outside our home because I am reminded that she’s not alone and that there are other Members of the D-Tribe out there fighting the same fight…

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How about when you look in the mirror first thing in the morning and see a test strip stuck to your forehead.


i found one stuck to my forehead to. how it got there i don’t know.


you know your a type 1 when you go to empty your vaccum and there are more test strips and lancets than any thing else. (Yes I miss the garbage can frequently)


hahaha in the t3s pants!

i also get very excited when i see a test strip that is not my brand, were like a secret club.:smile:

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the strangest places ive ever found them in my house were in the veg crisper in the fridge and in the drain of the shower. wth?!?