You know you're a diabetic when




Chuckles!! Love the pump-cord one. I had a cat that would just bite through it!! LOL!


Hi Sugar-Free. You say on your profile that you’re looking for diabetes jokes–well, you make pretty good ones yourself! I know I’m diabetic when I laugh at grave humor meant for us PWD’s.




PWD = People with Diabetes


… when you keep misreading words in a diabetes related way, like “St. Pancreas” instead of “St. Pancras”!

(It’s a station’s name in London)


You know your D when you friends tell their parents “i can’t i have to feed my diabetic!”


I find new ways to fit my stuff in smaller bags, i am amazing at that. Then when people see inside your bag they wonder if you do have the kitchen sink hiding in there. Like Hermine’s bag i the 7th harry potter movie.


Same here, will bring any meal i need plus snacks and a free drink, if i have one.


YES - good one - all over the car in all the nooks and crannies !!!


you know you’re a diabetic when you go grocery shopping, come home low and carry the food that’s supposed to go in the fridge, into your bedroom instead. Time for some chocolate perhaps…That actually happened to me today. :stuck_out_tongue:


I drive and ride by that place and always think of the body part. Even before I was diagnosed lol maybe the building was sending me subliminal messages haha


I almost cried a couple f time watching Americas funnest home videos back after i got out of the hospital. then i would laugh at the next clip they showed. i know how you feel.


When your on tudiabetes and thinking of getting a facebook just to talk to diabetics, but decide that you’ll still come here more often


or 18 and you dont have a facebook. you just go here instead


my doctor was so happy with my blood sugar numbers she said she wanted to call me Mary Poppins “practically perfect in every way”


Telling someone while you cant come to work the next day “The vampires need their refill of my blood” or something along those lines


i am 18 i i get happy meals because it has 80something carbs and i usually eat 90 at lunch. before dx’d i hadn’t had a happy meal in years


And it is one of mine… My wife prepares strawberry flavor with fresh strawberries floating on top. The mix of the natural strawberries and the strawberry gelatin is very satisfying.


I have had one for years. For my most recent bag, I adapted one of the small travel organizers used by tourists. The President has his “football” (the briefcase with the nuclear triggers) with him all the time. So I have my “football”. I am never without it. It contains my meter, strips, glucose tablets, insulin, Byetta, needles and my Droid X2 (smartphone).