You know you're a diabetic when


When you eat extra at lunch before shopping and still go low


When you enter your BG and realize that it’s actually for the number of carbs you are about to eat on your pump.


When you say to your friends and family…Excuse me I must go puncture myself and no one looks at you funny.


Or did you really say “I have to go shoot myself”??? LOL!!!


You know you are diabetic when you have callouses built up on the edges of your pinkies…


I really do say puncture myself. It seems that poking yourself with something sharp is the worst part of ‘D’ that we all have to endure. I do use the “I have to go shoot myself” line also.


I know this is a very old post but I had to say, after 10 years of marriage my wife still grumbles that she can’t keep butter where it belongs!


You leave your class schedule in the nurses office when you tested for lunch and you come back to get it and she says… Do you feel low already?


when you get childishly excited about a diabetes android app… (if anyone’s interested the one I found is called OnTrack Diabetes and it’s free…)


When you look at the meal served on the plane and you don’t see it as fettucine alfredo, a bread roll, juice and cake. You see it as starch, with a side of starch, accompanied by high-carb fluids, followed by starch and sugar.

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When someone says “That’s BS” and you think what has blood sugar got to do with it


When you stop intimacy to check your blood sugar.

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When you realize the next morning you’ve left the refrigeraor door open all night after a low.


Love this post! So funny. haha :slight_smile:

When you reach into your cabinet to get something & your new neighbor see’s your syringes, & You have to say “oh I am a diabetic, not a junky.” lololol


You know you’re diabetic when - You open your dyer & test strips fall out. lol


OMG! I have SO been there. I bring snacks from home, but honest to goodness, by 11:45 I’m ready to eat my shoes! LOL!


My husband complains that he finds the things everywhere! It’s true. I laughed out loud at the one about having them fall out of the dryer when you open it up. That’s next!


I seem to 'hide' alot of special foods.. lol!! diabetic hoarders


you know your diabetic when it doesn't shock you that you just drove around in circles five times in a parking garage and didn't realize it because your blood sugar was low.


I can't stand this either. I am like I have been good all week looking forward to this Cookie!!! LEAVE ME ALONE