You know you're a diabetic when


....when you ask the lab tech not to put pressure on her puncture so you can check two meters (did it this morning) and don't mind the gusher.


I know, it happened twice! One of my lowest moments, no pun intended.


You know you are diabetic when you change your infusion site in the evening, and find the old one still in place the next morning.

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You know you are diabetic when you get concerned that your little dog suddenly begins to drink lots of water and she wakes you up at 1a.m. to go your mind jumps automatically to doggie diabetes. (Luckily it appears to be just a uti)


Haha love it!!


Oops sorry I wasn’t laughing at your post- I should probably stop trying to post withy smart phone


Good to hear I’m not the only one who’s done that! Of course I missed the strip …


You know you’re a diabetic when you wake up from a tonsilectomy, the nurse heads towards you with juice and the first thing you attempt to squeak out is “how many carbs are in that?” and then “where’sy glucometer” - of course she looked at me like I was nuts :slight_smile:


When you're trying on clothes and consider where you'll put your pump.

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you can't leave the house w/o your electronics and a bag of support materials and snacks.

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you know you're a diabetic...

When you give your local UPS driver Christmas and birthday gifts.


you know you're a diabetic...

When your bathroom has a half empty jar of every kind of foot and hand cream known to man.


you know you're a diabetic...

When you can tell your fellow employees what infomercials are on every night
between 2:00am and 4:00am.


You know your a diabetic when…

You look at the stock graphs & think of a glucose graph…
Happens to me all the time I have it on my phone so I always click on it cause I want to see what my “cgm” is showing lol!!


YOu know you're a diabetic when...

Your five year old and your favorite candy is DOTS and you have to tell her you can't eat them anymore. And the next time you go through Walmart doors the stolen food bar goes off and you accuse them (lightheartedly) of choosing you cause you're black...only to find out your five year old stole a pack of DOTS because she "really really wanted some bad but you can't have any"

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Jay, that's funny. Maybe you could eat just one?


OMG Jay, sorry but I can't help laughing :) What a considerate little one.


When you know how many carbs are in your favorite hot dog.

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When you open your car door and test strips fall out. When you walk across the hospital parking lot and can identify 2 different brands of test strips strewn across the pavement. When your neighbor's 3 year old picks up a test strip off the floor and hands it to you and says, "Oh, here's your blood tester."