You know you're a diabetic when


Oh!!I am totally there right now!


You know you are a diabetic when you find youself eating frozen concentrated fruit juice straight from the can at 2:47 in the morning..... that will teach you to hit the treadmill before bedtime :-)


You have a dog named...Basal


You cheat against your meter by taking your bed time glucose, then eating a few spoonfuls of ice cream. That way your doctor doesn't know....and you can pretend you went to bed on a good number.


Haha, I always check my meter to see if I have permission to eat :)


When it's Valentines day and you are debating giving up all important meals in favor of eating just two chocolate covered strawberries and maybe one of your roommates homemade cookies that she left on her deck.


My Fiances has abandoned our shopping trips. I either have to drop him off in electronics (he is only good there for about 30 minutes) or just go on my own for the longer ones.


Yes! I appreciate the apologies, but it would mean more if you stopped eating, or at least stopped talking about how delicious it tastes or what your favorite candy is. Some people!


Just did that :) The only problem is I don't remember my carb counts for each meal.


When your RA is a Nursing student and she is excited to give you your insulin.


When you have a stash of Glucose tablets everywhere, home, car, office, girlfriends house, parents house.


OMG this is my life!
You know you're diabetic when you ask your very diabetic clued-up friends in the lunch hall why they aren't shooting up too and after a long pause one of them finally says "Um we still have working pancreases"!


love it!


You know your a diabetic when you're on this website reading every response on 104 pages of an article about "You know youre a diabetic when....." and then saying to yourself "I've done that" or "that's happened to me" to every response.

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Ive done that a ton




What does one meter say to another???



LOL, I cannot go through the 104 pages during my lunch hour, but I got thru 25 and I'm giggling hysterically in front of my computer.

you know you are a diabetic when...
- you politely offer insulin to ppl around you when you are shooting up
- you start re-calculating carbohydrates when someone takes a bite out of your food
- you postpone taking your shot until you are indoors cause is so frigging cold outside
- you see people looking at you funny cause you have a finger on your mouth
- you have gone behind ppls back so you can eat smthg sweet/treat a low without having to explain
- you have tried to hold a conversation while having a low, shaking and disoriented and thinking "Am I doing a good job fooling this person into thinking I'm ok? gosshh stop taaalking, i need sugar, SuGar, SUgAR, SHUGARRR!!"

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You know your a diabetic when you have a hanging show rack in the back of your closet hiding electrolite waters,protein bars, juices just in case.So far its a great hiding spot, Im the only person in the house that uses it. I always have a stash!