You know you're a diabetic when


When you wake up in the morning and have Skittles or Smarties in your bed :)


Totally done that; I have woken up with them next to my face on the pillow loose and wondered why I smelled skittles. I have found candies in the strangest of places when cleaning up the house too. Smarty powder on one side of my face ect.. when I wake in the morning. ;-) I leave the wrappers on the night stand in case I need to carb count later. Some mornings that can be a real disaster but you have to laugh and wonder was that you or did the candy monster hit the candy drawer at 3am?


hahaha so true that used to be me!!!


the last one - I start sweating like a beast and i cant think AT ALL so i know i sound like a fool- and i am just thinking give me the damn soda already i am dying---hahaha SHUGARRRR haha


you know your a diabetic when your walking and hearing the rattling of hard candy in your pocket :D.


You know you're diabetic when you spend more time and effort packing food than clothes when going away.

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your know youre a D when you watch your marathon runner husband consume endless meals of carbohydrates and eat cookies and cake every nite while drooling and hating every minute of it, especially (after yrs and yrs of marriage) asking me (STILL) if i want "a bite"


Obviously, the solution is for YOU to become a marathon runner, LOL! Acid Rock does a lot of running, and consumes a lot of carbs, and seems to be able to control his BG pretty well.


i loath running. i am a walker. keep'in it simple. thx, though, for the suggestion.LOL


hahaha my !! this one was so cool

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You know your a diabetic when you spend hours of your sunday planning your whole week breakfast and looking for recipes


you know youre a D when you start to look fwd to your lows just so you can eat your husbands chocolate chip cookies that have been sitting in the fridge all week gloating at you.






you know youre a D when you can change your infusion set/resevoir and insulin without the need for a light to be turned on and not waking up your husband. what use to tk 1/2 hour now takes a minute.


you plan your arrival at your favourite restaurant teetering on a hypo so you can really go carb crazy, planning your way back home by the most circuitous route possible, all in an attempt to cheat the D.

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hahaha! you know you're a diabetic when someone near you is freaking out before being injected, and silently, you're like "Really?
Give me a break"!!!


You know you're a diabetic when ...

you name your devices! pumps and cgms and meters, oh my!


... needles don't phase you. :-(


You know you're diabetic when...

... you get tearful walking past all the food you can't eat at the grocery store.