You know you're a diabetic when


Completely! I remember how terrified I was the first time I had to inject myself and how much of a non-event it became.


Yes! It was hard to go food shopping when I was first diagnosed. I used to joke that I was "visiting the food" rather than bringing it home.


You know you are a diabetic when at least every 3 months you have to go visit "Count Dracula" to get your blood test done. By this I mean you get tons of blood samples done.


You know your getting diabetes when you go to Disney World and you can make a map by memory of every men's room in the park.

(yeah true story)


I have a followup. You know you are going to be diabetic when the drink vendors at Disney World crank the extra large drink, when you come into view, and hand it to you as you pass by on your way to the men's room.

Yeah,, I was 17 and i am proof, Disney World is not always the happiest place on earth.


You know you’re diabetic when you go with your husband to what was your favorite restaurant, and realize that there is nothing there you can eat anymore. (and he still likes it).

…When you start injecting your lunchtime bolus at work right there in the office you share with 2 guys (instead of going to the bathroom to do it).

…When everyone asks you what diet you’re on that you managed to lose so much weight, and you explain that you were diagnosed with diabetes and are eating very low carb, and each one says, “I couldn’t do that. I MUST eat bread”

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Probably already been mentioned...
You know you're Diabetic when you're hypo and pass up your glucose tabs in favor of Twinkies.
(I'm guilty...*giggling*)


80% of your overnight bag is D supplies...

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Your mom looks at you with anger when you start eating a WHOLE pineapple by yourself...


When you are cranky with your significant other and don't even know it until they tell you, and its not PMS.


When you do math in your head before you eat.


You know you are a person with diabetes and food allergies when you take longer than anyone else to go grocery shopping because you spend time reading not only the nutrional label but the ingredient list as well.


when you have to buy an a tote bag since a purse will no longer work because of all
the supplies one must carry to take care of one's diabetes.

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You choose your restaurants because they have lots of counter space in the restroom to spread pens and meters on…


I NEVER do my stuff in the restroom! The table we're going to eat at has at least been wiped recently, and hopefully the rag is clean. Also, I see no need to hide in the restroom -- I'm out, and proud! :-)

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Right on!! Never in the bathroom; injecting, testing my blood, nursing a baby!!!

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.....when you eat the last two oreo cookies, ONLY because you don't want to waste the last few units, before a pump cartrige change!!!


Somebody asked me recently about what heating sources I use in my house. I explained that I have two baseboard heaters that pretty much stay on all winter and keep the house warm though not toasty. I think of this as my "background heat" or basal. Then when it's really cold like when I first get up I turn on my space heater (a bolus of extra warmth). Finally, since both sources are electric should I lose power during the winter I have a wood burning stove I can use as backup (if my pump malfunctions this would be equivalent to returning to shots). made sense to me to explain it that way!




When my life totally sucks eggs, and it so has.