You look like something the cat brought in!

That was what a travel friend of mine greeted me with this morning at the bus stop. Oh and how right she was. Not that I’ve been brought by the cat, but I pretty much felt like it. Been having this friggin headache for a week now, and it just won’t budge even after a maxdose of natriumnaproxen which probably is the strongest painkiller OTC here. One week to go until my appointment with the doctor. But as it is now it feels like I’ll have to call again and insist on being seen sooner! Yesterday I stayed home from work again. Slept until 1pm after I had called work and the doctor in the morning. Today I went to work, but greatly regretted it quite early on but stayed anyways. Just hope I’ll be able to go tomorrow. I don’t want anymore sickdays due to this effing headache. It’s bad enough it’s haunting me 24/7 for days without even a short break. Along with the headache I can just all of a sudden get incredibly tired and bit wobbly legged. So these days I don’t dare to drive around at work. I just stand checking orders and pack them instead, for everyone’s safety. For some funny reason today my face went pretty red today in the afternoon. I almost looked embarrased but wasn’t LOL

Oh well, I’d better take a shower or bath before I am too sleepy. I’m totally knackered now!

That’s the thing. I’ve never before had headache for this long, and I’ve tried several different painkillers for it and nothing helps. I do have headache problems running in the family. But this now is just ridiculous! I’ve had migraine for about 9.5 years now, but when I get a migraine attack, it lasts one day and I feel hangover from it the day after and then I’m back to normal again.

I wouldn’t mess around with this any longer. Take yourself to the ER and demand an examination with a scan of your head. Not trying to scare you but a headache for that long could be very serious. Good luck!

The ER wouldn’t do a thing. The medical system here is quite retarded unless you come with obvious life threathening symtoms or a clear infection that needs antibiotics. If I went to the ER now I’d just look forward to spending hours in a waiting room and in the end get nothing from it other than too little sleep and possibly the flu =S I don’t think it’s anything with my brain. The first thing my flatmate said when I came back after 2 weeks at my parent’s place over the holidays was “You have lost weight!” And believe me when I say I used to gain weight by just looking at a cucumber. Now I’m apparently losing and obviously quite fast and I don’t know why. Christmas foods isn’t really something you’d choose if wanting to lose weight. Think it might be something with hormones. I’ve been more tired than usual for quite some time even before the headache started. The have-to-sleep-NOW has been going on for a few months even.

definitly call and try to get in earlier. the headaches and the weight loss - I don’t know what it could be, but Jennie, I’d be worried. Please tell us when you call them tomorrow…

I’m not really worried, I just want answers so I will get to know how to do to feel normal again :stuck_out_tongue: