You might be an omnipodder if:

Let’s take Jeff Foxworthy’s “You might be a redneck” bit and apply that to our lives.

If you have 20+ egg shaped paperweights on your desk,

You might be an Omnipodder

if you can hear the omnipod “beeps” in specific songs.

if people ask you ‘who your wireless company is’ or if ‘you have a good signal’ when you’re out and about trying to bolus for a meal…

If every three days you beep every hour on the hour. “Beep-beep. Beep-beep.”

If you are selling boxes of “V 357” batteries on Ebay,

you might be an omnipodder.

if your neighbors recognize Insulet’s little “replacement pod” boxes when they come in the mail!

If, during a family picnic, your grandson asks, “Nana, why do you have your deviled egg on your back?”

LOL - Love this one!!! Too true !!

If…Hey guys…there’s no tubing!!

your Endo keeps saying “well, it seems to be working well enough for you but I wouldn’t suggest it to anyone…”

I can relate to this one. I was asked while on vacation if I was texting my children back home while trying to bolus for a meal. LOL

You might be an omnipodder if… your friends refer to your pod by the name of character who appears on the sticker you placed on top of the pod (spiderman)

You Might be an OmniPodder if… You bring out your iPhone to bolus (Wishful thinking…iPhone integration for suga-chine and pump control LOL)

Hey Lorainne and Caleb,

If your Christmas tree is covered with these

You might be an Omnipodder. You are guilty

Guilty as charged!!

You might be an Omnipodder if people refer to your pod as “the biggest nicotine patch they’ve ever seen.”

Happened to me! :slight_smile:

When listening to music, your three year old keeps asking what song is playing on your omnipod, and when you correct him, he changes it to omnitouch.


brilliant idea!