You Might Think I'm Nutz But

I really have this thing where if my house is a wreck or my bedroom is a wreck I feel like I’m a mess or my life is a mess too. So if I am going to make some serious life changes I need to clean my house. I am far from a clean freak and I don’t suffer from OCD but I just feel like it has to be done. So today we (me & my kids) spent the day scrubbing and rearranging. One of the kids called dad at work and gave him a heads up so he oh so conveniently had Over Time at work today lol. That’s ok cause I have a list of yard work for him this weekend that’s as big as my arm. I feel better already though and yesterday was day one of my New Changes. I did well, didn’t cheat ate twice as much veggies at dinner to try to help fill me up I ate white meat chicken…YUK! I had to cover it in mustard just to choke it down. I like the dark meat on chicken. If any one has any good recipes I’d love it, I like hot foods and foods with lots of flavor. Most nights I wake up like clock work around 3am hungry, so I usually do my rounds checking on my kids then grab a bowl of cereal. Last night I woke up and just did my rounds and went back to bed, but this morning when I got up I was so hungry I could have eaten a cow running down hill 50 miles per hr! My blds were still high 249 even though I skipped my 3am snack. So I press on today was not bad I guess I had Oatmeal for breakfast yum real exciting, but I hear it’s good for me so yeah, Lunch was a big salad with left over chicken not bad, Dinner was more salad. God somebody pls save me from my boring meals LMAO.

I can completely relate to this!! I am the same way. I am not a “neat freak”, but a mess makes my whole life a mess. Speaking of which my apartment is a complete mess right now-- so I am too!