Your best guess-Wedding Shower Carbs?

Let’s have a little fun here. I have a wedding shower to go to tomorrow afternoon, they will be serving lunch. Take your best guess on how many foods I can’t eat cause they are ultra carb loaded LOL.

I say 98%

Usually when I go to a family or friend function where there is food I can’t eat any of it. LOL

Well, perhaps you could bring a dish to balance things out? I recommend the Bacon Explosion.

And in case you wondered, sometimes my suggestions are not really helpful.

LOL, I was asked to bring cookies! LOL

Did I hear you just ask for meat cookies?

UGH, meet cookies. LOL Thank you for that, I am less hungry for breakfast now LOL.

Well, here is what was served.

Ham Sandwiches on sub buns
2 kinds of noodle salad
Broccoli salad (could have been a good choice if I could tell what was in it LOL)
Potato salad
Ham rolls-very good, just ham, cream cheese and onions.
Veggie Pizza, sounds healthy, it is not. LOL
Chip dip

Most functions I go to are mostly carb-heavy foods. It is the way most people eat, eating high carb is easy cause lots of foods are pre-made.

It was all good though, this was my day off. I had a slice of sandwich, some ham rolls, and a small slice of cake. :o)

Well done, She Ra, you resisted temptation so well. It really was a very high carb feast.

That is outstanding discipline. Week before last, I had a conference all week with all meals provided, and despite my efforts at making good choices and counting carbs, by the end of the week my blood sugar control was totally hosed .

BSC that just stinks! I mean one day makes it difficult, but a weeks work can make you feel horrible.

I am hoping at the wedding they have at least a green salad.

I have learned at parties like those I either bring a plate of D friendly food like veggie and Dip or some of my homemade CO cookies. I also have learned I usually eat before I go so I really don’t need to eat. Then I just enjoy the company. You could have kept your hands busy by making the silly bouquets with all the bows.

Well technically you could have eaten all of it but you didn’t because you’re that cool. =)

That’s what I do: fill up right before I go. If I have a relatively high-fat meal (e.g. some scrambled eggs and bacon) I won’t be hungry for hours.

Deviled eggs, cucumbers and celery sticks with seasoned Greek yogurt for dipping, baked chicken “drumettes” with very low carb seasoning (e.g. marinated in olive oil, rice vinegar and herbs before baking), cold-cut rolls (e.g. ham around a grilled asparagus spear is nice) – these are some of the treats I bring to parties – for me. ;0)

LOL thanks!! I am very well disciplined. I had a birthday party last night, I ate before I went, and I had a diet coke when I was there. No Chinese food, no cake.

I’m going to the American Association of Diabetes Educators Convention in Las Vegas in August, and what do you want to bet there will be nothing edible? Sometimes there are meals planned with events, but other times we will surely be eating in restaurants. Nothing like my home non-cooking!

Answers like that inspire me throughout the day. Thanks.

LOL no problem. It used to bother me not to indulge like everyone else at a party, but not anymore, I am totally used to it.

you can also try Konjac noodles, . they taste like Cellophane noodles, but carb free…!