Your Body vs Implants

Saw this interesting TED Ed video (5 minutes) about implants. Specifically, it focuses on pumps. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Interesting, although I don’t consider infusion sets in the same context as a stent, knee, or pacemaker implant.

Why, then, do you think we have to replace and reposition sets every third day? This video describes it admirably and in very simple terms. The sets are replaced and moved to avoid an allergic reaction that would build into scar tissue. An allergic reaction is nothing other than an immune reaction.

Nice short explanatory video! Thank you @Cyclinglady!


My comment was related to use of term implant for infusion set, and in my opinion misleading.

Technically, an allergic reaction is an inappropriate immune response to something that’s harmless (like pollen or food). Usually (but not always) involving a specific type of antibody called IgE antibodies. Allergic reaction has a specific medical meaning that’s distinct from a normal immune response.

In the case of infusion sets, I’d say that the immune response is pretty appropriate, since your immune system can’t tell the difference between an infusion set being inserted into your stomach versus getting a splinter lodged in your thumb.