Your child and Tamiflu

My 9 year old daughter with type 1 who was vaccinated with the flu vaccine in late September was diagnosed with the flu today. Unfortunately, due to the late and sudden symptoms my husband had to take her to an after hours pediatric emergi center not her usual doctor. The E.R. doctor prescribed her Tamiflu. I did a search on Tamiflu and noticed there are a lot of side effects which include, nausea, vomiting, behavioral issues and the list goes on. She is already vomiting and has ketones. Have any of you given your child Tamiflu and have they had any major side effects?

I gave my 4-year-old with Typ1 a full course of Tamiflu a couple months ago when my wife was in the hospital and he began showing symptoms of the same H1N1 that put my wife in the hospital. He did very well on it, no notable sides at all and it seemed to really help.

We thought she had strep throat so hearing that she had the flu (not the swine flu) was a shock. No one in our household has ever had it before. I am glad to hear your son did well with it. I think I will still feel much better if I wait and speak to her pcp early tomorrow morning. Thank you for your reply:-)

always a good idea to talk to someone who knows your child better… keep in mind though that Tamiflu is most effective and in some cases only effective when begun in the first 48 hrs of symptoms.

My experience is of course only anecdotal at best… your PCP will know best. Do they perhaps have a 24-hour call line at your dr’s office?

My daughter got the flu when she was younger and was prescribed Tamiflu too and I read up on it and decided not to give it to her because of all the side effects it listed. We used Elderberry syrup, echinacea and goldenseal and Vit. C and she did very well. The Elderberry syrup has excellent anti-viral properties. You can get it at any natural type store. Good luck!

She started complaining around 5 p.m. today. The Dr’s office opens at 8 a.m. and I’ll be their first phone call :slight_smile: Yes, there is an after hours phone number but it’s a hit or miss which Dr. I’ll be speaking with. She goes to a pediatric center in which there are 10 doctors in the practice. I’d rather wait to speak with her Dr. in the a.m. If she were up vomiting right now I would maybe think otherwise but she is sound asleep. Thanks again Chris! Your boys are precious :slight_smile:

Thank you Anna. Interesting. I would have never thought of this combination. Will look into this further.

My son got the flu a couple of years ago even though he’d had his flu vaccine. I gave him Tamiflu and he did just fine. He didn’t get very “sick”. I don’t know if it was because of the Tamiflu or not.

Hi Penny. Thank you for your reply. After speaking with her PCP this morning I was convinced that I should give her the Tamiflu so I did. So far so good. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed she has no side effects.