Your favorite 2008 Olympic moment

With Michael Phelps 8 gold medal accomplishment, it is probably hard to imagine something else, but I was wondering what has been your favorite Olympic moment so far?

I loved seeing Michael Phelps do so well. I really liked when Nastia Liukin got the Gold in gymnastics. Nothing against Shawn Johnson. I am glad she got Silver.
It seemed that all the emphasis, tv commercials,etc was on Shawn. I always want the best to win, but Nastia was the “underdog” of the best. She did the best and deserved the Gold.

Definitely the Men’s 4 X 100 freestyle relay. That was such an incredible comeback. Even the commentators had wrote them off until the very end. Gave me goosebumps!

Dara Torres holding up the 50m semi-final so that the Swedish swimmer whose swimsuit got torn could compete in the race. Sportsmanship at this level… WOW!

I’m with Toni. The burst at the end was more than memorable.

But Phelps’ .01 second win in the 100m butterfly is a very close second, not to put TOO fine a point on it. Even his Mom had counted him out at the end!!

One hundredth of a second. A fingernail. A great effort by Phelps, but I feel for Cavic. He may relive that race for the rest of his life, or at least for four years.

Swimming has been SO exciting! The mens relays have been breathtaking! And Gymnastics was fantastic. But I’m enjoying all of the Olympics whether I know what the heck they are about or not- badmitton, volleyball, rowing, archery! I’m loving it!

The Phelps races are what pumped me up!

But let me tell you… I watched the 100m dash last night and the Jamaican gal who won had this look of TOTAL JOY on her face. She was just smiling and dancing and rolling around and I couldn’t help but just be totally excited for her!! She was adorable!

I have been enjoying all the Olympics. My fav is gymnastics, but Michael Phelps and all the other events have been great. I think every participant should get some kind of medal just for making it to the Olympics! What an accomplishment!

Oksana Chusovitina winning the silver medal in vaulting at the age of 33. The story of her young son, who is in remission from leukemia, really touched my heart. Oksana moved from the USSR to Germany because she wanted her son, Alisher, to receive treatment at the University of Cologne. Gymnastics has literally saved his life.

As a South African, I have to say it was Natalie du Toit coming 17th in her 10K open water swim. She’s the first amputee to have qualified for the regular Olympics.

As a parent of an amputee, I was overjoyed to watch her too!