You're FU**ING kidding me?!?!

This morning I decided I would sleep in a little bit and take the toll highway to work. After getting ready I went downstairs to go through the routine. After struggling with high blood sugars in the morning for the last month I was happy to have a 6.6 (118). I grabbed my Humulin N pen and dialed 26 units and proceeded to “shoot up”. When done I looked down at the pen and a big black cloud came over me, my heart sank and the panic began. I just gave myself 26 units of HUMALOG!!! What the ■■■■ am I going to do?

So I grabbed some pop and ran out the door. I was going to be late otherwise and I didn’t need my dragon lady boss down my throat either. So far I have drank two cans of pop and had two pieces of white toast. It is now 11am, my blood sugar is 4.4 and I am now drinking 24oz of apple juice.

I called my boyfriend, to tell him about my stupid move and to have some one to talk to. I just don’t feel I’m prepared enough here at work to fight 26 units of Humalog. I am also dreading the drinking of this apple juice and anymore pop. Well doesn’t he bite my head off. I don’t need this , I stopped his lecture and just told him I don’t need him to tell me what I know. I just need an open ear and closed mouth. I guess he felt bad for flying off the handle…but I understand his reaction too. This is the second time I have gave myself the wrong insulin in two weeks…what the hell is wrong with me?

I have become so robotic in my movements. I test grab a pen and dial up. I never notice till the last minute and to be honest I think I’m luck most of the time cause i really don’t pay much attention.

Anyway, I have to get back to drinking this juice. UGH!!!

Thanks for the support Cathy. My boyfriend wasn’t talking mean to me, just lecturing me on the fact that I really should pay more attention. He is worried and is always checking in on me. He is a lovely man, I just needed someone to listen and he didn’t react exactly how I wanted him too.

Better start checking the amount of Humalog you inject because you may not be so lucky next time. Do you suppose you have nine lives? Haha. I know, you don’t need a lecture. Good luck and have a good life.