Youtube video - Bad doctor, good patient

Great Youtube video by Drs. Edelman and Pettus about how patients and doctors interact during office visits, and sometimes it’s not for the better.

Brought to you by DHF (Diabetes Hand Foundation) and TCOYD (Taking Care of Your Diabetes).

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Is this serious? Did Edelman want to teach anything? If so, why do cartoon versions of good/bad examples? Sheesh!

I’ve had a couple of his ‘bad’ doctor examples and neither he nor Pettus were off the mark. I’ve had the “I’m too busy to deal with you” doctor (I’m in a rush) and I’ve had the “you’ve improved, but not good enough for my standards” doctor (perfectionist).

Hopefully I’m not a bad patient. I always bring in copies of my labs from my other doctors to keep everyone up to date (because they are too busy to correspond with each other), my medication list, my list of questions or symptoms that I hand off to the nurse so the doctor can see them before he comes into the office.

Yet, most of the time my work doesn’t ease the process because he (the endo) never looks at the information, and asks the same questions for which he has the information already outlined or highlighted for him in his hot little hands.

My rheumy is a good doctor–I’ve trained him with the above process–so if he doesn’t get a fax or e-mail from me prior to my visit–things are on track.

Really it’s like a marriage–and sometimes it’s just two ships passing in the night vs. true love.