Zero Carb Sno Cone Anyone?


For all of you who are wondering if there is a zero carb syrup out there - Stop Wondering! There is!! I came across the web site . The syrups can be used to flavor coffee, soda, sno cones, bar mixes, tea, frozen drinks, pancakes, waffles, cooking, baking, desserts, etc. The list could go on and on! They are sweetened with splenda. My kids love them. They are not too bad priced, but shipping is high - mainly because they are contained in a glass bottle, but it is worth every penny I spent. They also gave me a code to use (25% off) on my next order! My kids love them! Here is the label...

Does anyone else have any other special treats out there that are low carb besides jello?


Our Target stores in NC seasonally carry a three pack of sugar free sno cone syrups (stocked right next to the mega sugar ones). We are on our second purchase as my diabetic and non-diabetic girls love them in the summer over crushed ice.


that is so cool! we hardly get any diabetic friendly treat foods like that here in singapore. i suppose it’s good in a sense as i’m eating more natural foods, but sometimes i hanker for a treat and can’t find any good substitutes.