I have a question that a Type 2 ask me the other day and I had no answer for and she wants to know this about zedia… “Is it a posion to your system or not and if it is should she take it?” She told me it was given to her for her kidneys. I don’t know about this drug I haven’t had to take it being a Type 1 and she thought I was crazy for telling her all I had done was hear about it. Can anyone out there help me with this???

I wouldn’t go out on a limb & tell someone whether a med is safe or not. It’s her decision to make doing her own research & discussing risks with her doctor.

Zetia is brand name for ezetimibe, a cholesterol lowering drug that impedes the absorption of cholesterol from what you eat. It is by no means a drug recommended for kidneys, your friend is probably confused. You can find the basic information on the drug at (http://www.drugs.com/zetia.html). The whole heart disease, cholesterol dietary fat hypothesis is of great debate. Zetia itself has gotten a lot of bad press from studies lately. Your friend would be best served by becoming well informed on the issues, consulter their doctors and making an informed decision.

Thank you ! I really have been under a rock lately so when she ask I told her her best bet was to talk to her Dr, but she has just taken Type 2 and doesn’t want to belive her Drs here.

Most of the regular doctors (family practice, internal medicine, etc) are prescribing a blood pressure med, cholesterol med, and baby aspirin to all T2s as prophalactics. I went ahead with the cholesterol med since I was borderline at the time, the baby aspirin is fine, I refused the BP med as my BP is fine and actually runs on the low side. She needs to look up info on these drugs and discuss these with her doctor.

Well, I will go out on a limb to tell you this…I WILL NEVER TAKE A STATIN DRUG. And yes, I did take one for awhile. It was awful - and then I did my research and got off of it. I only needed ONE THING to lower my cholesterol - get my BG in tight control through a very low carb diet. My cholesterol naturally came down - in 6 weeks!

Statins are dangerous drugs that create all kinds of subtle and not-so-subtle side effects.

I recommend this site - http://www.phlaunt.com/diabetes/

First that site looks excellent. It’s slightly flaky in parts and a little preachy but wow, an EXCELLENT resource tool. I was half expecting some half hearted attempt at education and then the inevitable “If you want to read more, buy my book”

This is a huge site and I look forward to reading all of it.

I agree with you Cheri re statins. Do not take them unless it’s absolutely critical. I was put on statins by my doctor and he said that he had to prescribe them as the Health Audit would demand it cos my cholesterol was slightly out of whack.

What I did was tighten my blood glucose even more and six months later my cholesterol was fine. I did not cut down my consumption of fats.

When I was first diagnosed with T2 my bgs were out of control and I reckon that I had T2 for about seven years. Because of my bgs my cholesterol was also high so I reduced fats consumption and controlled my bg. When my bg was down to recommended levels I resumed my normal intake of fat. Result: my cholesterol returned to normal.

I’m getting increasingly suspicious that the drug companies are becoming more and more involved in health care policy.