Zucchini & Kielbasa Flatbread Pizza

Steff and I revisited our flatbread pizza experiment. I picked up turkey kielbasa (very little fat, and it’s cheaper) and a couple of zucchini at the grocery store. We also bought Flatout Low-Carb Flatbread in the Italian herb variety. We used the remainder of the diced green onions and diced tomato from last week. Olive oil spread on the flatbred, sprinkled with oregano, basil, kosher salt, and a little thyme. Add thinly sliced zucchini, thin half-moon slices of kielbasa, green onions, tomato, and lots of cheese.

Last time I left too much of the flatbread uncovered. This time I added about twice as much zucchini and cheese. Big improvement, though to be honest I never ate the previous pizza. It was for Steff to take to work. She says they’re both great.

And in the interest of being both corny and charming, I cut the pizzas creatively to do this:

The pizzas are oval. If you cut one pizza diagonally to the left and the other pizza diagonally to the right, you can swap halves and make heart-shaped pizza.

I’m definitely on a pizza kick now. I put all of this together in about 15 minutes, including the time it took to cut up the zucchini and kielbasa. I baked it at 400 degrees for about 14 minutes. If you like very crispy crust, you could probably go as long as 18 minutes. That all depends on your oven, and flatbread isn’t as forgiving if you burn it.

Yum! I love making pizzas on the Flatout breads- my fave is the light sundried tomato.

Italian Herb and the spinach/veggie variety are the only Flatout breads we’ve tried so far. I do have sundried tomato tortillas that are pretty groovy, but they’ve got a few more carbs.