I’m a cranky old guy with too many cats. I was diagnosed with T2 in my mid-20’s during July 1978. Started on insulin after getting another opinion Jan 1979 so, in hindsight, a LADA T1.

I’ve been using a pump for around 24 years. Most of that time I used Medtronic/MiniMed pumps starting with a Minimed 507 in Dec 1996. My last MiniMed was a 630G with Guardian 3 CGM.

I just started using the Tandem t:slim x2 + G6 CGM on 23 December 2020. So, still feeling my way into that & the x2’s CIQ feature.

I was very happy using a pump until Spring of 2020 when I started having problems with insulin absorption. Still not really sure what’s up with that. :man_shrugging:

I’ve been using CGM since Nov 2014 and I am still happy with it. So there’s that. :wink: I was happy enough with 3 different flavors of Medtronic’s CGM and also, most recently, with DexCom G6. Different folks have different experiences.