1 in 4 pwds cut back their insulin doses


I’m beginning to feel as though I live in an increasingly third world country, paying out the yingyang like a first world country. The U.S. had always been progressive and the source of great new research. Apparently, not anymore…


I don’t think jet injectors are new—I’ve been hearing about them since shortly after I was diagnosed more than 25 years ago. I’ve also heard that they aren’t that great, can create variable absorption, can leave insulin behind on the skin, and create skin issues… I’ll stick with injections.


@Willow4 - I used the Medi Injector back in 80’s … clumsy big thing (nowadays if I was flying with it … it would be considered a weapon of destruction). I used if for about 3 years (at the time i bought it - it was $800 Cdn - and the company that made it … still sells a plastic version but it’s only used for hospital use … and sadly … never did well on the Canadian / USA market). I actually had the President of the company come to Ottawa where I lived at the time, to demonstrate how it worked, first with a Kleenex box, then he whipped open his shirt to inject into his stomach with saline). I was sold on it, and helped sell it for awhile, until they pulled out of Canada. The fanning of the insulin molecules meant less tissue destruction (if used correctly … you had to test out the pressure settings on your skin and sometimes it caused bruising if set too deep).

And onto the topic here …over the years I would attend diabetic conferences in the USA, and bring insulin (e.g. last year brought Fiasp before it was available in USA). Sadly, this year, with all the tariff crap between our countries … I’m no longer touching foot into the USA (and I live 10 minutes from the New York border … waahhhh … no more fancy diet soda pop flavors for awhile that we can’t get her in Canada).

Also, here in Canada, despite the cost of insulin being cheaper - apparatus’s like insulin pumps, CGM’s are often not covered by work insurance or private insurance (I have neither as I’m self employed and have no coverage except for insulin pump program in the province of Ontario … I had to move provinces in order to keep using the Dexcom G4 which I pay out of pocket for … along with occassional donation of expired sensors from Americans who trade them for insulin. Again, not all of us have insurance coverage or help from our provinces for our medical gadgets, prescriptions …so, sadly there have been diabetics here that have died due to not being able to afford what they need to stay alive. So, it’s not just USA … sad to say.

The main thing here in Canada, with our socialised medical system (ER, hospital, doctors, specialists) - our taxes we pay cover that portion at least ! I can’t imagine if I had to pay for a doctors visit (wish dental work was included in that … I like my fangs to be nice a healthy for catching mice … joking, joking, JOKING!!!).


And beautiful fangs they are, too!!! The tariffs were not really aimed at Canada. But Canada got caught in the wide sweeping net. We’ll see how this ultimately plays out. You all have satisfied my curiosity about the jet injectors. Thank you.