11 (198)

I woke up this morning in the 9's (160's). So I skipped breakfast and waited for it to come down.

I had some nuts and two high protein/low GI cookies for breakfast at around 10:00. My sugar was in range before this, but out of range afterwards so I waited to have lunch.

I had a sandwich (low GI bread, biltong/jerky filling) at about 16:00, when my sugar was 5 (90). As a treat I decided to allow myself a third of a small packet of potato chips, bringing the total carbs of the meal up to 40g. Boy was that a mistake!

After eating I fell asleep on the couch and woke up at 23:00. I was shaky and had been sweating. My sugar was over 11 (198), 7 hours after eating 40g of carbs!

I had two low fat sausages for supper and decided it's time to call it a night. My sugar is sitting at 9.7 (175) now, after only eating two meals and 70g of carbs today.

What do you think is causing these highs?
1) (Illness (I've got bad allergies and have had two courses of antibiotics but am still sick)
2) Possible impending period?
3) Wrong type of carbs (even though it was only 10g!)
4) Any other ideas?

Of course, could be all of the above:) Personally, I think low GI is useless for diabetics. Know it's popular in AU. GI ranges were determined using non-diabetics. Doesn't work the same for us.

Thanks for the reply Gerri.

My dietician told me to do low GI when I was first diagnosed and on mixed insulin. Since that was my introduction I've just kind of stuck with it. I did find it helpful to match the carb release to the amount of insulin when I was on MDI though.

But back to the story:
I woke up with 8.8 (160). I skipped breakfast, went to a meeting and taught a class. I tested again, and this time was up at 13.7 (246). I was shaking, wheezing and nervous so I decided to make an appointment with the doc. Luckily we were both free immediately.

He's given me another course of antibiotics and put me on metformin. They took blood again to do different tests (mainly to prove to my medical insurance that I am actually diabetic).

I've taken the meds and had a 15g rusk. My BS is around 10 (180), so it is coming down. I'm planning to monitor it closely and have a quiet day.

Sorry it's continuing. So frustrating!

Nothing like having to prove you're a diabetic. Are you on insulin?

Hope you're feeling better soon.

I'm not on insulin now. I was first diagnosed about 5 years ago and we then tried out:

  1. mixed insulin
  2. metformin
  3. MDI

Then after using ever-decreasing amount of insulin, 6 months without cortisone, losing 20 kilograms and having sinus surgery I was told I'm not diabetic.

Then a month ago I got sick, went to the doctor thinking it's flu and found it was allergies and diabetes. The doc told me to manage it with diet and gave me an antibiotic. I did this and had pretty good numbers but yesterday and today my BS has just been rocketing...

The potato ships have usually high fat. It is typical that the fat will slow the digestion down for hours. They are that slow that your residual beta cells should be able to catch them. Your numbers clearly indicate that this is not the case. Your response looks more like late stage LADA on the edge to full T1. Thus I think your beta cells will need some additional insulin at least for the meals. Of course to master slow food with insulin is an art. I would inject later for the potato chips so the digestion will not be overtaken by the faster insulin. This really depends on the chips itself. Some manufacturers use glucose for the taste and these can be really quick to absorb. Another case of trial and error.

Agree with Holger's suggestion that it's time to revisit using insulin again & you could very well be LADA. No need to have soaring BG & burn out more beta cells. Doctors often have a hard time understanding LADA.

I suspect LADA too, particularly because my cousin and grandfather were diagnosed as young men and don't fit the traditional Type 2 stereotype. My grandfather was on insulin, and my cousin has been diagnosed with Type 2 (despite being skinny and fit)...

Unbearably frustrating. Don't know the situation in AU, but in most US states certain types of insulin are available without prescription.

Hope you're feeling better today.