12 Common Diabetes Myths Debunked

Myth #1: People with diabetes can’t eat anything sweet
Myth #2: Eating too much sugar causes diabetes
Myth #3: People with diabetes must eat a special diet
Myth #4: You can catch diabetes from someone else
Myth #5: There’s only one dangerous kind of diabetes
Myth #6: Only people with diabetes need insulin
Myth #7: Nothing can be done to prevent diabetes complications
Myth #8: Only overweight people get diabetes
Myth #9: People with diabetes shouldn’t exercise
Myth #10: People who follow their treatment plan never have high blood sugar readings
Myth #11: It’s possible to have “just a touch” or “a little” diabetes
Myth #12: People diagnosed with diabetes are doomed

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Thanks for sharing this Peter. I have the funny temptation to print this poster size and post it in every street corner, LOL!

Do it, Teena!

I don’t think #3 is a myth. Every diabetic has to eat a diet that works for them, their lifestyle and their diabetes management goals. To me, that’s a special diet. It’s not a single diabetic diet but it’s still a diet.

That needs to be a billboard on the highways!

I agree with you Duncan about #3. Most of us DO have to make changes to our diets to control our blood sugar. I also think #1 is a slippery slope and I know the “I-can-eat-whatever-I-want-and-bolus-for-its” will disagree with those statements so I’ll just add a quick YMMV and retreat into the shadows…lol