1st day on Omnipod

This is my first day on the Omnipod and I think it has dislodged, not sure what to do? My blood sugar after eating has gone up to 325 and I took a correction bolus and now it is 365. I hope this isn’t a bad sign. I was soo excited to be on the pump.



I’m on the OmniPod, too. Were you high before you put on this pod? How long have you had it on?

You should be able to see the little white cannula through the tiny clear window. If you can see it going into your skin, you should be okay. I can tell if the cannula comes out because I can see it and also because there’s a lot of moisture (insulin) in that little window.

Do you have a diabetes educator (or whoever set you up with the OmniPod) you can call? When I first started, I had a number to call day or night. You can always call Insulet customer service, too.

No matter what, try to take it in stride. It takes a lot of trial and error to get things running smoothly. That’s frustrating, I know! Unfortunately it’s a fact of diabetes life. I’ll bet that you’ll be pumping just fine soon.

Feel free to check out the OmniPod group here. There are lots of us with a wide variety of experience. :slight_smile:


I can’t see in the window the way my pod is facing, and my Husband isn’t home to check for me. I put the pod on around 12noon and my bs was 150 and I checked before lunch it was 137 and after lunch 325, then I gave a correction bolus and 1 hour later it was 365.The pod is beeping every once and a while but their doesn’t seem to be a reason for the beep. I don’t have anyone to call. I spoke with the on call physician and he said just take my normal insulin for now to get my blood sugar down. It’s very frustrating because I just want it to work.

I looked with a mirror and it appears to be in my skin because it is a little pink at the insertion site. Maybe my rate is too low?

When I started my pump for the first couple of months I had higher sugars than I did without it. I hope this is not the way it is going to be for you, but it is for some. Don’t get discouraged if it is, it will get better.

I think it is my carb to insulin ratio . My doctor was concerned about me going to low so I think she started out a little too cautious. My blood sugar has finally come down, but it went low to 61. I think I will be tweaking my doses for a while until I get the hang of it. Wish me luck. I’m still excited to not have to give myself shots! Thanks for the help.