1st timer

I got a presciption from my primary doctor for dexcom CGM 7+. I stopped by my Rite aid pharmacy yesterday and they said they cant help me to get that. I did a bit of research and it looks like i have to get in touch with a rep from dexcom. Can anyone help me with the process and what i need to avoid. Pls include any other good info for a novice.

Just Google for Dexcom and call their 800#. When you tell them you have an RX they will be all over you :slight_smile:

Are you on a pump? You should really consider doing both at once if you are looking to gain the best control, IMO.

Yes Dexcom .com call 1 888 738-3646 good luck and I agree with Dep you should get both


NO. i am not on pump. advice i got was that i will be denied!

Did they say why you would be denied for a pump? If you really would be denied by your insurance for a pump then you will almost certainly be denied for a CGM because the requirements by many insurance companies are much more restrictive for a cgm than a pump. Call up Dex, they can probably give you the low down on your insurance company and how to get them to pony up.

Thanks a lot for that info. Actually its my doc that says that i ve not been disciplined enough and he is sure i will be denied. I guess i ve accepted the fact that the pump is too expensive and I will be denied. With the insigt you gave, maybe ill push to get the 2 at same time. A quick question is, can i get the dex guys to ask my doc for a prescription for a pump or do i have to go back to the doc to say that i am now ready for the pump. It will be nice if the dex guys can do that.
I actually have a primary and 2ndatry insurance, so i think it may not be because of the insurance but rather my doc’s reluctance.

Dex doesn’t do pumps, so they won’t ask for that prescription.

Oh…so, the best route is to still go back to my doc and ask him reccomend a pum for me?

Yes…or get in contact with a pump company and have them call the doctor. There are many kinds of pumps out there though, you’ll want to research your options.

Yup. I had the Dexcom for about a month before I went on the pump. I got the Dexcom and realized what a life changer it was and decided I wanted to go to the pump. You should discuss the pumping options with your doctor. I wouldn’t go back to multiple injections unless I was forced at the point of a gun. But the pump is not for everyone. The combination of the Dexcom and the pump has made control a whole lot easier. Good luck!

I guess, that will be an eaiser route to take. Which of the pumps have most people inthe forum found to be the best?

Thanks Pete, you encourage me so much, . I will reseerch one of the pumps and ask thm to get in touch with my doc. ia m suprised the dex people dont make pump!

my insurer includes a ‘best practice’ in their coverage language for CGMS - they don’t want to cover CGMS unless you are on a pump already. so watch out for that when investigating your coverage

that’s a dilema now,. I ve just sent my prescription and all paperwork to the dex people, today!. what do u think could be a better route for me?

I’d follow your docs recommendations on what it takes to get the pump. It’s usually something like testing 4x per day and having an A1c > 7.0. If you’re already doing that, or you do it and the doc still has reservations, then maybe look for a new doc:)

The one angle you can play up on the CGM, if you want that first, is if you don’t feel symptoms when you are low. Most insurance companies that cover cgm will cover it in that situation, though you may have to document that to some extent. Even if it seems pointless to test when you know you are low, do it anyway so you have a record of how often you’re going low.

It wouldn’t hurt to get all of the paperwork done at once, but actually staring both at the same time would probably be overwhelming for anyone but a computer genius! So you can get both and start them whenever you feel comfortable.

Are you taking insulin ??? How many times do you check your BG a day??? If on insulin how many shots a day ???

I was taking Lantis and Humolog ,Check BG 5 to 10 times a day, 6 to 8 shots a day .

No problem getting the Animas One Tuoch Ping Insulin Pump

Didn’t get a Dexcom but was approved. Waiting for the combo Ping and Dexcom

I went for the DexCom first. One new gadget at a time is plenty for me. I never planned to go for the pump. I was doing fine on shots.

Yes I am on Insulin.
Average of 4 times check of BG/day
4 Insulin shots/day both lantis and Humolog