2 1sts with the pod yesterday

Yesterday, I had two 1sts with my Pod.

The 1st 1st was an occlusion. I new as soon as I activated the new Pod and I saw blood in the cannula. Made it about 4 hrs and then the alarm. Blood everywhere when I removed it and a huge lump at the insertion point.
The 2nd 1st was when I went swimming. I went swimming for nearly 2hrs yesterday and spent much of the time diving for treasure with my daughter. It was a blast and I had no problems at all. The Pod has been a true pleasure.
Just FYI: I am getting over a stomach virus and have not been to the gym for 10 days. My insulin usage has gone from 1.10 units per hour to 2.00 units per hour. YMMV

We had blood in the cannula for the first time this week, too. Why does that happen? Did we hit a blood vessel or something? Our daughter (she is 4) complained that it was stinging, so we took it off about an hour after we had put it on, and stuck a new one in another spot. Why does blood come into the cannula sometimes?
I am so happy you like your pod. We do, too. It has been a life-changer for our daughter who was dxd @ 23 months. Started on the pod the week of her 4th b-day. :slight_smile:
One other question: do the new PDMs tell you when there is an occlusion? We have the old PDM, and I hear people talking about “occlusion” warnings, which is something I have never seen on our PDM. I just know something is up when her bs goes through the roof. Thanks!

Yes, the PDM gave me a message advising of the occlusion and told me to de-activate the pod. Must hit a capillary now and then. Once when getting an injection, my daughter’s arm looked like a blood fountain when the needle was removed.

I have a new PDM, and it does alarm and send the message “occlusion”. I have only had one occlusion, though. And I have had many times when sites have gone bad, or something, and I have had to change a pod without a warning. The occlusion only comes if the pod actually detects that the insulin is blocked.

I have a 4 yr old on the pod (for 1.5 yrs now) - we have never gotten an occlusion warning - my thought is that she is not getting a lot of insulin so by the time the pod would register an occlusion - we have already noticed a problem with the site and changed it out…


Thank you for the info! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the info! :slight_smile:

Had my 2nd occlusion last Saturday. Wouldn’t you know, I had splurged on a frozen custard, took my insulin, so far so good. Then figured I needed more but when I went to give myself another bolus… beep! Occlusion! And since I was out of town and not playing by the usual rules, I had left the house with NO novolog pen, extra pod or even syringe in my purse, any of which would have saved me. So had to return to base camp a bit early. And what did we learn from this!?

Tried a new spot the other day. Too close to my ribcage and it had an occlusion. Nice little bend in the cannula when I removed it. It happens…