2ND appeal

Yesterday I sent in my 2ND appeal with several additional items from the 1ST. My problem, which seems almost insurmountable, is I am on Medicare with BC/BS as their carrier.
I’m told and retold I must appeal to BC, but their denial to my 1ST appeal was simply that CGM are not approved by Medicare. Period!!
A tough objection to be sure.
In my 2ND opening letter to BC I remarked how great it would be for me, and how much less expensive for them, if they could contact Medicare on my behalf to have them make an exception in my unique case. What else can I do to overcome this objection?
Been Type 1 for near 57 years and hypoglycemic unawareness is extreme. Way to many sleep time lows.
Thank God for my take charge wife.
Anyone have similar experiences?