3+ weeks on the Ping

I had a awesome first week. My SD went from 39 pre-pump to 26… amazing! Average bg was105 insteadof 125. The second week - still thrilled. SD was 29, average bg still 105. A few more highs/lows, but no biggie.
The last 10 days have left me wondering. SD is up to 30 and average bg is 116. Still rising, albeit slowly. My averages for the whole time pumping are 29 SD and 109 bg.

No complaints, but why is everything rising weekly? Haven’t changed my diet (fairly low carb, usually around 30 cho per day), still exercising periodically, and a HUGE shift in attitude. My friends have welcomed me back, saying I am ‘me’ again. I’m usually 80-100 in the morning… the last week I’ve had a couple in the 130s, then 158 this am, ate and bolused for my 13g nut bar, and 170 2 hours later… Now back at a decent enough 105.

I’m not freaked out, still loving the pump, but if everything continues to rise with no changes I will be disappointed. Guess it’s a matter of keeping on the tweaking. Hoping my dexcom will be approved early next week and shed some light!

Hi jrtpup. I’m on a MM522 part time, so it’s the basal that I pay attention to the most, going off and on the pump. During the early years of pumping full time, I was constantly tweaking the basal up and down, largely due to the changing of the seasons (less insulin for spring-summer and more for fall-winter). Now with several years passed, my basal surprisingly stays constant, whether I’m on the pump or Levemir. For what it’s worth, I’d suggest tweaking the basal. Then if necessary, check out the insulin-to-carb ratios; they change for me throughout the day (I wake up with insulin resistance and need very little insulin for dinner). Well, I don’t know if any of that helps–it’s the story of my life! And Happy Easter to you all!

I know my I:C ratios are right (at least they were last week lol). The problem with trying to tweak the basal is that the highs are happening at seemingly random times of day. Guess I’ll give it another couple of days and see if I can see a pattern. I hate being high, but way better than the 300-400s I used to have!