3 year old suspected of type one?


That sounds pretty reasonable to me. One thing you might consider is making sure that breakfast is particularly low-carb. Most of us find that for various reasons we are more carb-sensitive (or insulin resistant) in the mornings. The same amount of carbs at 6:00am for me will produce triple the BG rise as they would at 6:00pm. When I first started sorting out my diet to help keep my BGs level, I quickly settled on “eggs, bacon, cheese, and cream only” before lunch. That way I could eat as much as I wanted without having to worry about the effects. I’ve since added cottage cheese and full-fat plain yogurt as I’ve gotten comfortable with how my body responds.


the full fat dairy items are lower in carbs (and I think they taste better). I love having a bowl of full fat Stoneyfield Farms plain yogurt with a splash of vanilla extract and one bag of Equal. a couple strawberries or blueberries (best fruits for me to manage) makes it even better.


Thank you all! She does love eggs and bacon guess I’ll omit the grits. Which she would be ok with she loves meat more anyway. I’ve actually had that with the yogurt and fruit tia amazing!!! Didn’t know it would help blood sugar. However she won’t eat anything to Dow its yogurt. But she seems to love pickles I seen couple different snack ideas with them and few other receipes we are going to try that we’re low carb. Whole family style :slight_smile:

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An option for yoghurt is full fat greek yoghurt (sweetened with stevia or erithritol or lohan - these are 3 non caloric sweeteners - I get mine from iherb.com), with some fresh or frozen berries added. Depending on your daugther’s taste preferences, she may even like it without sweetener…

Hugs. Am watching and praying for you as you progress.

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Would your daughter eat cottage cheese instead of yogurt, with some flavouring of some sort. It is not as sour as yogurt and she may prefer the taste.


She doesn’t like yogurt I thought about freezing it giving it more of ice cream texture and trying it that way. And honestly I have never thought of cottage cheese. I could try that we have some my husbad eats it just never thought of it for kids. Thanks.

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Well seen the endo today he ordered more labs and insulin. She is a type one diabetic but she is in the very early stages.


big hugs, my heart goes out to you.
getting a dx in the early stages at least spares her the trauma of a DKA.


omg wow i am so happy you cought it so erley i feel sorry for her i will pray for you and family :frowning:

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Thank you everyone for helping me along the way. They are giving her lantus 2 units in the morning he said he wanted see how that worked for her and if levels didn’t come down he would adjust


Sorry you are going through this. Well done on catching it so early, it can be so easily missed. It can be like a grieving process when you child is diagnosed with a life long condition so mind yourself. Your daughter is in very good hands with a mum who is obviously as proactive as you have been so I have no doubt you will manage this and for when you need support online this seems like a very good place to be.


Yes I love this place everyone has been nothing short of amazjng In helping me along the way! I am reading over the papers he gave me and we already started a new meal plan he agreeded with but with couple of tweeks.

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@Christina_Hughes, new meal plan already, I think my description of you as “proactive” probably underestimates you! Tiger mom, amazing mom I salute you! Well done for taking this bull by the horns, your little one is certainly in good hands.

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Yes mam! Started it rhe day her sugar levels hit 241. Cleaned cabinets and went shopping. Thank you for your kind words. I try and do the best I can for my kids. When my nearly 4 year old was dx with autism I felt awful for missing the signs. But I became very proactive once we knew! And I now sometimes tend to over prepare. But I hated that I missed her struggling when I could of helped her sooner. S


Oh Christina, so you finally know. I know it’s so hard to get a diagnosis of type 1, but on the other hand it’s so much better knowing what is going on with your child than not knowing.

I know these past few weeks have been difficult, but I feel like you’ve thrown yourself in 100% and have come so far already, your daughter is certainly in good hands!

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I’m so thankful that we know. I mean broke my heart to hear the words this forever changed the life of my three year old. But at same time we can do this we are prepared! I don’t go into it excepting it to be easy but I can do this for my child I can give her 100% and he best she deserves. I’m glad we finally have an answer and can now move forward with helping my little girl

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I’m so sorry for the dx, but she’s a very fortunate little girl to have such a fighter for her mom.

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Ok we did labs this morning her A1C was 5.4? Is this a good number?


5.4 is at the top end of “normal;”. For an adult an HbA1c of 5.6 or above might be a flag for pre-diabetes (T2), but in the case of your daughter it is a confirmation that she is in the very early stages of T1.

Catching it at such an early stage, you may find that she needs only small doses of insulin and possibly may experience a honeymoon, where she goes off insulin altogether (albeit temporarily). The smaller the amount of insulin she needs, the easier you will find it to control her levels.


Ok right now they have her on lantus we started it today she only gets 2 units first thing in the morning.

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