3 year old suspected of type one?


High normal… But you see High post eating numbers… Hba1c is 3 month average no. You’ve caught this early… Not yet had a chance to get terribly high, thank goodness!


I think that sounds good. did you get any guidance on how often & when to check her bg?


Thank you. And yes he instructed me to check her first thing in the morning for a fasting number. And for now check her after she eats to see how the insulin is working. Making sure her numbers stay where they should. He said he would like 180 after eating but 160 is even better.


My daughter is going to be 5 at the end of this month, she has been having the exact same issues. .her a1c is the same and we have been inpatient 2x. Once with a level of over 400 and again with an over 200. She typically hits around 200 to 250 post prandial. her scariest number was 457. We have seen 2 endo’s in our area and they say that it is normal because she is antibody neg (right now) and her a1c is between 5.3 and 5.4. I’m at such a loss. My uncle was type 1 he passed at 37 from ill management and my aunt is type 1 as well. She found out when she went DKA at 1500 and was in CCU for a month :frowning: I’m so glad that your lil one is getting the help she needs.!


Thank you! And I’m so sorry your having such a awful time! He highest my daughters ever made was one reading at 241. Her others were 200 or close to it after meals and her fasting was almost always in the 90 or lower 100’s. This was our first endo visit but what my pediatrician had me to do was check her first thing in morning and before and after each meal and before bed. I down loaded an app called glucose wiz and we charted from April 26 to may 9th day of her appt. I printed t out and took all my readings to the endo. So he would have as much data as possiable. Our eendo was super nice and very helpful. He said she was type one but we caught it super early! So we can better manage it he hope and keep the scary readings at bay. Your numbers are way higher than mine I can’t believe they said it was normal. Mine didn’t like that hers went to 200 or more. And other people I’ve seen and talked to on here were dx with such scary number. I’m not sure if she is antibody neg or not she had slot of lab work this morning but they did let me know her a1c was 5.4. And doctor would discuss rest when they got results. I’ll be prayin you guys get answers soon.


Thanks ! We have tried all that here numbers were all over and still nothing. I think it is just our area with our crappy doctors. They don’t want to do anything until it’s too late. Can I ask where your located.


That’s awful! We are actually from a small town in Georgia. Called waycross. But there is not a pedicatic endo here so we drove about hour to near by town jesup ga. where we found dr Collipp. He was nothing short of amazing! He looked at her and her numbers listens to what was going on read other doctors reports and then told me what was going on and what I should prepare for and that we caught it super early. So she is in very early stages he doesn’t tend to use term pre diabeties with type 1 bc it’s diabeties just super early so body is still doing somewhat what it should but not the way it should. So it needs just little help.


outrageous imo! I don’t know if this will help, but the AACE, the American Academy of Clinical Endocrinologists, has a “endo locator” on their website


my endo is a member of AACE


Thanks! I just did a search, of course there are 0 in pa! :rage: I was thinking of sending her stiff to Joslin in Boston and seeking what they say.


well that doesn’t seem right…maybe look for a general endo and call them and ask if they see kids, or ask your own pediatrician for a referral.

another idea, perhaps get in touch with the closest JDRF chapter

and ask them. your child deserves the better :heart:


We have a few peds endos but they are in the same practice the one excellent general endo doesn’t treat until 8 yrs of age. They are on that page

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Please take action. These doctors are doing her a grave disservice by ignoring her diabetes. Are you able to follow low carb / Bernstein approach? Hugs. Don’t give up on this.


We do a low carb diet for her. It’s hard cause she is also gluten free as well… pretty sure celiac but she’s been off for so long to pit her back on as see her go through that just for a test kills me


My daughter Celiac (antibody negative, but we’re sure based on her response to gluten foods) add well. I make low carb breads now. And baked goods. Helps with food choices.


I would love if you can share some recipes.


Hi Jessica.

I lOve the following site.

My current favorite is chicken crust pizza. Psyllium bread is also pretty good.

The following was given to me from one of the mums in the typeonegritgroup.

typeonegrit group is a great help. Can add you there if you can message me your facebook account. There are also recipe sections here in tud. Why don’t you start a thread asking people to share their favorite easy, low carb recipes.

I saw Brian had an evil good looking ice-cream recipe which I’ve yet to try as I need to empty my freezer enough to freeze the bowl of my ice-cream maker.

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that “all day I dream about food” site is really good.

Here’s our recipe category

please add your favorites! we also talk about food all the time in the chat room (bottom of home page http://www.tudiabetes.org/)


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I just found this post through a google search… trying to understand what’s going on with my 11 y/o daughter. I’m hypoglycemic so I can recognize the signs of low sugar and started seeing them in my daughter but turns out she’s not low. I had an extra meter and have been monitoring her. It’s been just under 30 days of monitoring her avg. is 128, she’s typically higher than that. I just weighed her and She’s lost 5lbs since her dr visit a couple months ago… she has a well visit set for next week but I was worried when she tested at 301 this afternoon… she’s back at 123 now… I’m going to call the Dr first thing in morning. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story as it helped me!