$35/mo cap for insulin for Medicare patients (it's a proposal)

That won’t affect me because I pump, so I get insulin for FREE, using Part B of Medicare, along with a Medigap plan. But it is welcome news for those who don’t pump.

Or who pump with the OmniPod Dash. I’m afraid to see what my vials (3/mo) are going to cost me in the donut hole. Based on some misinformation of my last 90-day supply from OptumRx, I think $800/mo

Is this like groundhog day? - this has been going on for 3 years

Pay close attention - I am only going to say it once

No republican admin is going to lower any drug price ever - if they say they are going to lower prices they are working behind the scenes to keep them higher

I totally understand why folks cling to hope, but it’s not going to happen


True. I also use the OmniPod DASH, but I have SilverScript that covers part of my insulin costs. Last year, when I hit the donut hole, my insulin costs actually were less. I got switched to a new SilverScript plan this year, so this should be an interesting ride. We’ll see…