50/50 and now 60/40

Since I went low carb (70)my basal/bolus ave changed from 50/50 to 60/40. My TDA has dropped down to 25.375u. What’s a heathy low carb level? I’m not sure how much lower I should go.

When I worked through the model in books like "Using Insulin," I concluded that the models were based on a standard ADA style diet of 45-65% of calories from carbs. As you reduce your carb intake, your basal remains the same, but your bolus levels drop. Thus your total daily dose drops and your basal/bolus ratio changes. My ratio is now 70/30 to 80/20.

You will have to decide what you think is "healthy." Are you doing low carb for better control or weight loss or what?

I found that my ratios changed when I started eating a lower-carb diet. I think my basal:bolus ratio is about 60/40 right now.

How much insulin you need depends on you, your diet, your exercise regimen, etc. I think what you should look at is not your TDD, but your average BG and BG standard deviation. Use whatever amount of insulin necessary to make those acceptable.

Bsc,Before my carb intake was averaging around 130. I’ve gained 20 lbs and I’m trying to loose weight. I’m currently down to 70 carbs and I lost 5 lbs. it just seems to be takiing forever to loose it!!!

Mybustedpancreas, according to my
pump my bg ave is at 130 and my sensor ave is 138.

This would make such an interesting study, if we could plot it all out. My basal/bolus is 33/66! Yes basal is 10u; bolus is 20u. Summer did make me drop basal a lot. I'm at about 60 grams daily, ave=112, and sd = 15. It's about as tight as I can keep it.

Yes Leo it would be an interesting study! Thanks for posting your #'s!!!

I am pretty close to 90% basal and maybe 10% bolus- I try to remain in ketosis and therefore my meals cause no rise what-so-ever I try to eat 20-40 carbs - (in an earlier blog post i said 90g but i did some re-calculating) I also run 3-4 times a week for an hour min each time and do 4+ crossfit workouts a week

Sick of type 1, are you trying to stay in ketosis to loose weight?

I don't worry about the ratios as long as my BG is ok. I eat more carbs and have bumped it up bit.

I never worry about my basal/bolus ratio...I just try to keep my distribution around 80-90%
(70mg/dL-140mg/dL)...this keeps my A1c below 5.8...

At the moment I'm fasting every other day and on days when I eat my carb intake is around 90-130g. When I do this my I:C, and correction factor insulin drop by about 20% but my basal stays the same whether I eat that day or not. On days when I fast my basal is not 100%, on Sunday My TDD was 70/30 because it took a big (huge) correction to counteract my second wave of DP and a wake up BG of 135mg/dL. Some days I eat 3 or 4 Dex4's during the day to nudge my BG up over 70mg/dL.

yes to the wt. but also I am finding that during long distance running I never have to refill with carbs or worry about my BS if i am in ketosis- example this last weekend i ran for 3 hours and started with my BS at 69 did not take any food drank water - then at hour 1 had some highly diluted Gatorade (15g carb) for the next 2 hours (more for the sodium and potassium) - its great my body never dips into my glycogen storese Dr. Peter Attia, M.D. says it this way "cause of my ketosis, and the metabolic flexibility that accompanies it I only “require” that my body turn to glucose for energy under the most “stressful” forms of exercise"