670G just tried to kill me tonight!


Did your pump kick you out of automode since you didn’t hear the low alerts? I think it does that. After a min delivery or max delivery of 1 or 2 hours it cuts back to basal rates. Though you should have still had “suspend low” on. That only kicks on at 60 though. So you were only under the suspend threshold by 3 points.

Check your settings. What are your targets? What was your suspend alert set to do? How loud are your alerts? Then if you have outside those settings I’d call a Medtronic customer service. Sometimes technology fails. They’ve already replaced mine because the buttons stopped functioning properly. They’ll overnight you a new pump for free. They are great to work with.

Sounds like you might want to call your Endo and potentially get in with a certified pump trainer too.

Hope you are feeling better. And I hope you don’t ever have to have an ambulance called for a hypo incident. It happens though. Even on a pump. Sometimes our bodies don’t do what we expect them too. Especially if you are still creating some insulin. :blush: