670G just tried to kill me tonight!

Hello everyone,

I just made an account right know because 30min before my life was at stake… I woke up hardly in the middle of the night, due to my low blood glucose (57mg/dl) after sleeping very late.

The worst part in all this? It’s that the pump continued to inject me with 0.275U every 5min even with my low BG (Auto mode)…

And what caused my Low? The pump!. Indeed, an hour before I woke up, my BG went from 112 to 116 and because of that the pump injected me with 0.475U and that what triggered my low BG. (thanks to auto mode again).

Should I call the cops or an attorney? (Srsly they should refund me every single penny…)

Thanks for your advices guys and I wish that will never happen to you (It’s kinda my second time right now)


If you are concerned, I urge you to fall back on manual injection until you can work out a plan. This will buy you time to step back and think about it. Using new tech, or even tech that is new to you, can be risky. Heres something to lighten the mood: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHVGD3TjEBM

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When you BG is below a certain amount, your pump is supposed to stop injecting you insulin… especially if you are in Auto Mode… So Am I missing something ? Because I don’t get why I need to step back and go through manual/training again when there may be a glitch in their algorithm ?

You’ll get feedback from the 670 folks, but I, personally, think its really hard to track where a failure is specifically coming from with so much automated functionality. For instance, is this human error, software error, hardware error, issue with insulin effectiveness? No way to know for sure with so many variables at play - I would just drop back onto MI and give yourself some time to explore it if things are bad.

Consider, for yourself, if the risk of not understanding whats wrong with your device is still an acceptable risk. And, yes, I believe that it is supposed to suspend delivery at low BG or when low BG is predicted. Can it accomplish this? Do you have enough knowledge/experience/comfort with risk/strategies to combat any failure here? Thats up for you to judge. It might help everybody else trouble shoot if you post any data you have. You could also stay at a friends house while you figure things out, just as a safety backup - preferably a friend who is your size or larger, in case they need to physically drag you or give you sugar if your the type to get combative with extreme lows.

a bg of 57? my goodness I get that low nearly every day (or night, but not much at night any more thanks to more correct basal settings at night). If you think 57 is worth calling an attorney or the cops, what would you do if you went below 20?? I have, but the only call we made was to 911…

He sounds super reactive to lows. Or, at least, pretty nervous about them. I find that the more stable my BG, the less well I deal with minor lows. Could be something like that. Could have been a rapid drop leading to 57.

Great advice.

Believe or not, back in my “bad ole days” on animal insulins AND my ignorance in controlling bg’s (no carb counting) I would literally drop 100 points in five minutes. And I’m not being dramatic. It was crazy back then. I’d take over 22U of R and L at suppertime and there wouldn’t be a whole lot of carbs in some of the meals, but they looked large, so I thought I needed lots of insulin. Shortly after eating, it was with annoying frequency that in my quest to prevent highs, I’d exercise (exercise bike, or swim in my pool) right after supper because chemstripbG indicated I was high. Combining all that IOB and hard exercise, and I’d drop (estimating, using chemstrips) 100 points in just 5 minutes. I’d nearly pass out (no idea why I didn’t) and then I’d eat a ton of carbs. The term “roller coaster” describes my ordeal back then with bg control. “Ignorance” describes my lack of knowledge back then, as well.

I have already done 20 and even 600, never called 911… Why I said I should (maybe) call an attorney is because of the fact that this freaking untrustworthy pump of mine, sometime give me insulin when I really really don’t need it… So right now I will just go back to what I always have done before my doctor’s advice… Before going to bed, put the damn pump into Temp Target basal…

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I’d start with tech support, but that’s perhaps just me. I like solving problems; not complicating them or avoiding fixing the root cause.

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There have also been concerns about sensor accuracy. So, just because your sensor reads 57, I’m giving a little leeway that it may have been lower. How long have you been on this pump? Do you have the option of returning it if you don’t like it? If you want something super reliable, then I recommend an Omnipod or TSlim with Dexcom G4 sensor (may or may not still be available for purchase, and newer models have some other complaints, but it ought to read reliably).

It always takes me a while to get an RX for basal and it doesn’t hurt to have it on hand in case of failure. It will be a b!tch to get late at night, if you need it. So, now might not be a bad idea to ensure those RX’s are in order. I know its a lot of work, but pump failures happen, so backup basal is necessary. Also, speed is critical if you need to return this thing. Think it over, but there is often a very limited time to get to know the device and still have the option of returning it for refund if its not a good fit.

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Yes I should do that too…

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1 Year on it, I liked it first and it helped me a lot before… (Yes the Auto mode helped me a lot) But right now, it screwed up with me twice lately (Not the same pump though)… especially in the first days of some sensors.

Have you lost a bunch of weight recently, or something?

I have insulin resistance so not even in dream lol…

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There are a bunch of 670 posts, in case your doing research. Link 1, Link 2, Link 3, and Link 4. You can search for 670 here, if needed:

Some of your fellow 670 users who are often on here, are @DrBB, @Terry4, but you can see who they are in previous posts on the topic. Here’s a new ambassador for Medtronic 670 (Questions about Medtronic 670G insulin pump)

I don’t use the 670 pump but I do use a hybrid closed loop system, Loop. I love my Loop! Twenty-six months and counting.

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I also really like this advice.

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Why I do not want this system. I can drop 300 points in one hour from one unit. If I was at 57 it would be mere minutes till I was below 40. At 60 I see bright flashing lights (if I am awake), but if I am asleep I dont feel lows anymore. I am too senstive to insulin to trust that a device can decide what I need. Give me the pump but not the auto mode. No way.

That’s really terrific!!! Hate all this auto mode things!!