A funny thing happened on the way to blood testing

There are so few laughs among the tears of type one diabetes but I wanted to share a couple of things on the lighter side. Perhaps you have similar experiences?

  1. On a particularly long night when I was struggling to keep my 14 year old daughter’s numbers up (she was sleeping), I fell asleep on her bedroom floor. I awoke to sound of my cell phone ringing. I instinctively grabbed the phone and kept shouting hello! hello! My daughter sat up in bed in a terror from the noise. Then I remembered I had set the alarm on my phone and it was just time to take another blood test.

  2. The clock-radio alarm went off and I routinely and I slowly stumbled out of bed. I made my way to the shower. After shaving, brushing my teeth and getting dressed I went into my daughter’s room to wake her for school. As I passed the clock I noticed something disturbing. It was the 2:00am alarm that woke me. It wasn’t time to get up it was just time for the middle-of-the-night test.

  3. This is my favorite. My daughter had a couple of low numbers during the day and ran cross-country in the afternoon. It was also a pod change day. I decided to set the alarm for a 2:00am blood test. It had been a somewhat sleepless week already. When the alarm went off I was struggling to wake up. I kept hitting the alarm clock but it wouldn’t shut off. On the third whack, I fully woke and realized I was hitting my wife in the face instead of the clock (which oddly enough is on the other side of the bed). Maybe something subconscious going on here? She was none too pleased.

I like the 3rd one best. lol I wouldn’t have been pleased either if my husband was hitting me in the face trying to turn off the alarm.

Did your wife do the 2 AM feedings so now you have earned the 2 AM BS checks? I hope you nap on the weekends! Parents taking such great care of their diabetic children are a wonder to me. She’s a lucky child.

Oh man I can so relate! I haven’t hit my spouse yet though, LOL.