A Hot Topic for women AND men

maybe a taboo subject, but very important to me...

i am 48 yrs old, T1 for 25 yrs, on the pump for 11+ and am post-menopausal.
i have discovered a serious lack of libido, and its making me (and my husband) very frustrated. i talked to my Gyno about this and she said it might pass since i am only 2 yrs post-menopausal. have any women out there experienced this?

have any men experienced a loss in libedo?

is this related to D?

SOS, all discussions welcome.

Greetings, Daisy Mae! Dwayne, here!

Besides my TI diagnosis in 1990; I also suffer from various heart problems. I wish my libido would die down! Unfortunately the diabetic neuropathy has created such a high level of ED (erectile dysfunction) that i can't do a damned thing about my libido --(lol) nothing to impress the ladies with. :( ....however, to your problem ... I have heard that it passes more quickly with women - you just need patience and a willingness to explore with "gentle" sexual-play. Is that anything official? No. But it is something I have heard over and over, again and again - from talking to a lot of women with diabetes. I am a trained and certified peer counsellor for mental health and addiction consumers ...now, I am not saying or assuming that you would be either (lol) ...however, I have seen diabetes play with people's minds, and creAte mental health issues in their lives. Diabetes sucks. The way all the extra side affects hit a person's life - and the lives around that person. but I could never wish diabetes upon my worst enemies, even ... and I have a few (lol). This disease -- some of the side affects - they don't have to be permanent; they don't have to last forever. Have patience - with yourself, with your husband, with your doctors (they try - it's just too bad their heads are only full of "book=knowledge" - lol)

I hope this has helped in some small way! Blessings!

If it has anything to do with dryness, I have found it important, and even necessary at time, to have lube on hand. This, from what I've been told, is caused by D.

I hope this is only temporary.

I am at 47. Suffering with BP and Type-2 from the last 13 years. Neck pain, Burning, numbness, pain in right foot and Fatigue all over the body. HBA1C is 8.8. Libido=0, ED=100%. My wife is healthy. But suffering with Migraine headache. May be due to my ED. I told her to use some toys. But she is refusing. I want to get rid off ED problem.

Go on-line and put lower libido and diabetes in. You'll be amazed at what comes up.
Tons of information. Your Dr. should have been a bit more helpful than "it might pass." (I know, bad thing to say.)
There is testosterone therapy - yes, for you - and more.
I have been divorced for... ever and after forever have been re-virginized so I didn't read too much as it didn't pertain to me, but there truly was a LOT of information.
Some of the Dr's stated they believed it to be the #1 reason for low libido.
You don't have to keep me posted, Miss Daisy Mae, but I DO wish you the best!