A Little bit about me

Hi everyone, I’m from Melbourne Australia and have lived here all my life.
I have been happily married now for 7 years. I was diagnosed with Diabetes 27th Feb 2008 so I’m still a newbie at this.
My mum is also diabetic my many years now and my grand dad was also type2, guess it runs in the family…

I have worked in Childcare my many years now and still enjoy it (most times lol) My Hubby and I are in to flying RC planes and we both love it heaps. we fly here http://www.parcs.com.au

I used to have a dog (German Shepherd) but he passed away 2 years ago he was the best dog out and he is always missed.

Anywayz enough for now


Hi Christina. Welcome. This is a great place to learn and share…
Sorry about your dog. I have lost a dear pet, and know that you miss him. We got another dog a few months ago and are in love all over again.
My father was in Australia during WWII…ancient history, I know (he was a pilot,) and always wanted to go back. I was just telling my daughter about the BBC show, A Town Like Alice, that I loved watching back in the 80’s. It made me want to visit Australia, as well.
Good luck, take care of yourself.