-a little bit more detail about meeeee! lol-

hey everyone!! i thought i would share a bit about myself just because im bored lol =]

Well My nickname name is Maddy (obviously lol)
I live in a small and quiet town called Lemoore. (most of you might have met my mom she has an account also) ive never lived out of state although my family travels alot. every other summer we go to tennessee, oklahoma, arkansas, virginia, and this year dallas texas lol i know alot of places right??! i told you my family travels alot lol
I am currently still living with my wonderful mother and stepdad…oh and i have a two yr old and 9 month old sister lol im loving every minute of being here. I am a freshman in highschool lol and am in a program called NJROTC its a naval science class and yes lol i have to wear a uniform every other wednesday =] we get inspected i have to say most people don’t like it but i absolutley love it xD Im on the UDT (unarmed drill team) which is where we make beats by stomping marching slapping etc. its really cool to watch lol I will be 15 on the 21st of may and im soooo excited… i love to write poems and i am in a drama class at school. i love kids (well most kids xD) although i have no idea what career i want to do when i get older. i was thinking about the navy but don’t know what branch and then i was also thinking about a teacher or a chef lol i know what a wide range lol i love all kinds of music. i guess you would used to have called me a band geek like last year but i didn’t join this year xD madre didn’t want me to lol its all good though. ummm i love food lol and i love to cook. oh yeah lol im a very good listener and every now and then can give some really good advice but it kinda depends on what mood im in xD i love to laugh and smile and love to see other people happy. ohhh my favorite part about me lol is that i have green eyes xD but im not going to get into that…im prolly annoying you by all this lol Ttyl xD

Much Better thank you.

Hi Maddy,
I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to let you know I really did read it GREEN EYES??? Me too, exactly the same shade as my Mom. I don’t think there are a lot of us anymore. And yes, I can definitely see the great listener part. You listen to me ramble a lot. And cooking? Are you sure you aren’t one of my daughters? I absolutely love to cook. This is a passion for me. I have no creative ability at all except for cooking I was cooking family meals by the time I was five There were six of us kids and everyone had a job to do as soon as we could go out and get one. My first one was baby sitting my sister who is 14 months younger than me… I still take care of her and am very close to her.
We have a terrific chef on here from Wales. I have gotten him to write one time but am trying to coax him into writing again. I think we have a number of others on here who have a passion for cooking too. A lot of times you can find great recipes here.
I am really glad you wrote this Maddy. I didn’t know about the music and band stuff. And i wrote you , so I am waiting to hear about the NJROTC science class and the UDT too. Now you also have to tell about the writing and the drama class. Wow,!!! I am going to get such a big message from you. LOL. Thanks for writing ths Maddy. I couldn’t help teasing you. I really did enjoy it.

Love it! You sound like a high-energy quirky kind of person with a compassionate soul. I DO mean that as a compliment (I consider myself to be one as well)!